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Welcome to the ABC blog. We meet at Blog Club after school on Wednesdays - this week, we would like to introduce ourselves. (Watch this space for self-portraits, which will be added soon)


Name: Ruhiyah

Age: 8

You didn’t know this about me but I love learning, especially English!

My favourite ice cream flavour is bubble gum.

My favourite fruit/veg is pineapple and strawberries and my favourite vegetable is sweetcorn.

My worst fruit/veg is sprouts.


Hello blogger readers, my name is Ella and I am 9 soon to be 10.You didn’t know this about me but I LOVE English, it`s one of my favourite subjects in school. My favourite thing to do in class is art! My best word is awesome…….Shhhhhh…… need to promise me that you won`t tell anyone. Ok during class I dropped my book and I tripped over it!! It was so embarrassing. Well also my best book is David Walliams.



Name: Lucy

Age: 8

You didn’t know this about me but I love to do gymnastic, and I’ve gone on stage to show everyone and I was giggling so much that I nearly did something wrong!

My favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla and chocolate, I only like chocolate ice-cream with extra milk, and I also like it when the vanilla and chocolate ice cream is mixed together.

My favourite vegetables and fruits are corn and tomatoes.


Hello blogga followers my name is Matthew. You did not know this about me but I LOVE all things David Attenborough. My favourite ice cream is Mint.


Hello, my name is Roary  and I am nine years old. You didn’t know this about me I secretly play tennis in Wimbledon. My flavour ice cream is mint with chocolate chips. My favourite fruit and veg are banana and mushrooms.

My worst fruit and veg are olives and plums.

When I was a baby I ate a washing up tablet by mistake. I threw up!

My favourite books are Horrid Henry books.





Enrichment is a time when we play on Wednesday and Thursdays in the afternoon. We have Lego, playdough, chess, draughts, cards and colouring sheets to play with.

While we are having fun our teachers come to join in and ask us about our week and day.

We have special teachers to look after us whenever we play such as: Mrs Hallihan and Mr Webster.

While we are doing enrichment, our lovely teachers are doing their PPA (planning what we are doing next week.)

We always have lots of fun ( even when something goes wrong) !


Roary and Lucy

          PROBLEMS WITH LEGO-CARDS                                                                                                                                                                                                               


 Lego cards are a problem because when we are lining up people are playing with them. People like to play with them because they like to trade but they cause arguments.


In our class Mr Hazelby said we weren’t allowed to take our Lego-cards outside. I think it’s really annoying because we have to stop in the middle of the lesson and wasting our learning time! The only time we can play Lego cards is during Enrichment.


Mathew and Ruhiyah

Picture 1



On Friday the 5th of October 2018 it was silly socks day. Everyone was wearing their silly/weird socks. We were wearing silly socks because we were raising money for a charity called Slide Away. It’s when a child needs money for people who have passed away. When it was silly socks day Mrs Evans had the best socks, her green sheep socks. They were actually Mrs Evans’ son’s rugby socks!


We raised about £154 - can you believe it!


By Ella

FRIENDS OF ABC SCHOOL DISCO - Friday 19th October - £2 per child