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Nightingales - Year 4

Welcome to Nightingales!


Hi everyone!

Welcome to our exciting new class page.  I will be updating it with news, children's work, achievements and much more very soon.  Our class newsletters will now also be available here too.  I am really looking forward to receiving your feedback.  Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here on our class page.

Miss D Haxhiu

Class teacher

This week in Nightingale class, we have been designing our own volcanoes (thinking about materials we might need and why they are the appropriate choice, technique that we needed to create the layers of the volcano that weren’t too soggy!) and creating a chemical reaction that replicated the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. This linked perfectly to everything we have been learning about in Geography.

We then evaluated our designs and thought about how our volcanoes could have been improved, some children wished that they had put more layers on their volcanoes so that it could have been thicker! Everyone enjoyed seeing their volcanoes explode! J

This activity led into the children writing their own instructions, from their own experience, to inform someone else on how to make a volcano! 

*Please note that if you have not seen your child in any pictures, it is because we are waiting for the permission slips to be returned.

In Nightingales, we have had a special visitor in our class (as mentioned on the Newsletter), Elfie the Elf has been flown in from the North Pole with very specific instructions: to look out for those children that are trying to do their best. She noticed that Mantvydas had kindly helped other children with their work, Nathan was trying very hard with his writing and Jonelle and Urvika have been showing some great mathematical reasoning.

She has also been a little mischievous throughout the week, giving the children a little laugh when they come into the class in the morning.

In Year 3 and 4, we had a special visitor for our Romans topic. Her name was Boudicca! She came to tell us the story of how Britain/the Celtic tribes attempted to resist the Roman invasion in 43AD-55AD. The children were very intrigued when she ran into our school hall screaming and shouting that there were Romans chasing her!

Boudicca inspired us to create collages with different materials so we could remember what she looked like which then helped us to produce some descriptive writing of Boudicca’s appearance/storyboards using time conjunctions to order the events of the resistance.


Have a look below at some of the fantastic work produced by the children:

Congratulations to Ella Amess and Freya Haynes - read their stories on our Parents' Page under Latest News.