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Welcome to the ABC blog. We meet at Blog Club after school on Wednesdays - this week, we would like to introduce ourselves. (Watch this space for self-portraits, which will be added soon)


Name: Ruhiyah

Age: 8

You didn’t know this about me but I love learning, especially English!

My favourite ice cream flavour is bubble gum.

My favourite fruit/veg is pineapple and strawberries and my favourite vegetable is sweetcorn.

My worst fruit/veg is sprouts.


Hello blogger readers, my name is Ella and I am 9 soon to be 10.You didn’t know this about me but I LOVE English, it`s one of my favourite subjects in school. My favourite thing to do in class is art! My best word is awesome…….Shhhhhh…… need to promise me that you won`t tell anyone. Ok during class I dropped my book and I tripped over it!! It was so embarrassing. Well also my best book is David Walliams.



Name: Lucy

Age: 8

You didn’t know this about me but I love to do gymnastic, and I’ve gone on stage to show everyone and I was giggling so much that I nearly did something wrong!

My favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla and chocolate, I only like chocolate ice-cream with extra milk, and I also like it when the vanilla and chocolate ice cream is mixed together.

My favourite vegetables and fruits are corn and tomatoes.


Hello blogga followers my name is Matthew. You did not know this about me but I LOVE all things David Attenborough. My favourite ice cream is Mint.


Hello, my name is Roary  and I am nine years old. You didn’t know this about me I secretly play tennis in Wimbledon. My flavour ice cream is mint with chocolate chips. My favourite fruit and veg are banana and mushrooms.

My worst fruit and veg are olives and plums.

When I was a baby I ate a washing up tablet by mistake. I threw up!

My favourite books are Horrid Henry books.





Enrichment is a time when we play on Wednesday and Thursdays in the afternoon. We have Lego, playdough, chess, draughts, cards and colouring sheets to play with.

While we are having fun our teachers come to join in and ask us about our week and day.

We have special teachers to look after us whenever we play such as: Mrs Hallihan and Mr Webster.

While we are doing enrichment, our lovely teachers are doing their PPA (planning what we are doing next week.)

We always have lots of fun ( even when something goes wrong) !


Roary and Lucy

          PROBLEMS WITH LEGO-CARDS                                                                                                                                                                                                               


 Lego cards are a problem because when we are lining up people are playing with them. People like to play with them because they like to trade but they cause arguments.


In our class Mr Hazelby said we weren’t allowed to take our Lego-cards outside. I think it’s really annoying because we have to stop in the middle of the lesson and wasting our learning time! The only time we can play Lego cards is during Enrichment.


Mathew and Ruhiyah



On Friday the 5th of October 2018 it was silly socks day. Everyone was wearing their silly/weird socks. We were wearing silly socks because we were raising money for a charity called Slide Away. It’s when a child needs support when someone they love has passed away. When it was silly socks day Mrs Evans had the best socks, her green sheep socks. They were actually Mrs Evans’ son’s rugby socks!


We raised about £154 - can you believe it!


By Ella


In the last week of term we celebrated Harvest. We were thanking God for all the food we have and we are blessed for all the food we have. We decided to bring canned food (things that won`t go mouldy or go off) and what we brought would go to a charity called Maidstone Homeless Centre. We brought so much food that they will probably last a few months. We had a festival and some of the Governors came.


                                               Half Term

Ruhiyah’s half term

Hello bloggers let me tell you about my half term I started off with going to an ice cream parlour, which was really good. I had vanilla and chocolate ice cream which was really nice. For my drink I had a fizzy lemonade, with a red straw. A few days later I went shopping and bought loads of groceries for dinner. The next day I went to Ashford and suddenly…my cousins called us and said they are coming for dinner and then we went back home, and started to cook.


Lucy’s half term

Hello everyone I am going to tell you about my half term just like my friend did. On the 25th of October it was my birthday, I went to Bluewater with my family to find new shoes for school... but I didn’t find any and had no luck. So instead I found a restaurant called Nando’s but I wanted to have pizza then noodles. A few days before my birthday I found an old game that I used to play and it had 2 controllers and wait no I can’t say ( it was a bit babyish ) but still fun.

                                            Wet play

We only have wet play on rainy days. We have games to play like Jenga, Wordseach , Monopoly, Soccer Brain and drawing. Sometimes on rainy days we stay out ,  unless it rains heavily. 


We have wet play in our classrooms. The staff that are out on playtimes and sometimes lunchtime look after us. I don’t like wet play on Fridays because if it is football I miss out.


By Roary                                



Hi, we are Lucy and Ruhiyah and we are going to tell you about our assessments. First on Tuesday we did our maths test which was a tiny bit hard. The teachers separated the tables into one and the chairs were on different sides so we don’t cheat .Also we only had a limit of time from 20-50 mins. If we finish early we get a piece of scrap paper to draw or colour in with, but before we have to check it because we can change our answers. Did you know we take these tests because our teacher needs to know what we know and don’t know?




PS: WE HOPE WE GET GOOD SCORES!                                   




As you know, on Sunday it is Remembrance Sunday. On Friday, we are having a remembrance assembly.  WW1 was the very first world war EVER! To prepare for it we are doing art, poems and stories.






So to remember them, we are selling all sorts of poppies. There are pin poppies for £2, slap bracelets for£1, wrist bands for £1 and bracelets for £1 as well. Be quick they are running out fast. The money goes to the Royal British Legion. The Royal British Legion is a charity for soldiers and their families.




LAUNCH DAY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   in our class we did our launch day. We dressed  up as rainforest animals. My teacher (Mr Hazleby ) dressed up as an explorer. For our first activity we made passports for our Rainforest Plane. Secondly we made a suitcase . We put a medical kit and lots and lots of cloths. Also some weapons.After that we  got on the plane. When we got on the plane the air staward.                                                                                                                                                    


When we landed in the ABC Rainforest some  staff like mrs Thomas sprayed  us with water. Did I mention that some people in my class dressed up like animals such as Snakes,Monkeys and Parrots

 I have a question for you what would you dress up as?



See you next time on ABC  blog .


Ancient Egypt

This term year 5 and 6 are learning about Egyptians. On Monday, we had different activities in our classrooms. In Redwings we did Egyptian words for are names. We got a yellow card and some cardboard and painted it gold. Then, we drew our names, it was very fun.

After playtime, we had Miss Copley and she was amazed about my mummy outfit. We coloured in a death mask. My mask has orange, blue, yellow and green. It was fabulous.

After lunchtime, we had Mrs Evans we had to wrap Mya in toilet paper to turn into a mummy. We had to start at the head then we did the toes and fingers. We did the arms and legs but Ella had to do around the legs . We came in 2nd place. It was a very fun. 





Bulling is where someone does physical actions or says something rude. Sometimes bulling includes a group of people running after you or helping the actual bully. Did you know that we do Anti-Bulling week because we do not want anyone to bully in our school? For all of this we make a special assembly where a special guest comes to do an act to show us why bulling is bad for you and can course a big problem. Along with this we get to have a big board that we get to write our names on it to show that we will not bully anyone.        

Remember if you see a bully tell the teacher or adult.


By Lucy and Matthew

Children in Need


Hello bloggers, we are Ella and Ruhiyah and we are going to tell you about children in need. On Friday we are going to dress in spots and we are going to raise as much money as we can. The charity is Children in Need, we also have a cake sale on Friday 16th November 2018 so we can support a child in need.  The cake sale is in our Dove Room and is at 3.15pm to 4.00pm. Do you know why Pudsey has a bandana on his eye? Well it is because he is representing a child that is in need. Pudsey is a very welcoming mascot and always comes round with a smile to cheer you up!

Hope you will support all children or adults who are in need.

See you next week on ABC blog. BYE!

Mummifying an orange

Yesterday our class mummified an orange. It was really juicy and sticky but it was all worth it.

These are the steps on how to make a mummified orange:

Step 1. Cut an orange half way and take out the insides (clean hands first) and don’t eat the insides even if your hands are clean.

 Step 2. To keep the shape of the orange, you fill it with loo roll and leave it overnight.

Step 3. The next day, you take out the old loo roll and you put baking soda, salt and a few spices. Then you put new bit of loo roll in the orange and leave for about 3 days for the inside bits to absorb the little pieces that are just hanging there.

That’s all I know now, but I will keep you updated next Wednesday. Bye blogger reader. 



Hi, we are Lucy and Ruhiyah and we are going to tell you about the Wednesday assembly:

Firstly, we started off with coming into the hall, sat down and listened to a new song called Midnight when we entered in. Then we tried to sing the song we came in with (Midnight) and Miss Copley said we sang beautifully. Following that, we all sang No room at the Inn, which was really fun and really nice to sing. After we sang the song (no room at the inn), there was a lullaby called Child in a manger born which felt really relaxing. Surprisingly we sang Silent Night which was quite hard because a group of people were singing German.

By: Lucy & Ruhiyah




(Cat ears are headbands that we wear to look pretty and stylish.) I`m going to tell you why I think it is a bad idea to wear cat ears.

We wear cat ears because some people think they are cute and pretty but they get you distracted during class. The teachers may take the cat ears away from you and you will get them at the end of the day. I think the teachers do a good thing by taking the ears away because you won`t learn anything. Basically, I don`t understand why we have cat ears, they may tickle behind your ears, they distract you for definite and they may not look good on you. So I think we shouldn’t have cat ears, what do you think? Shall we still have them or not?

(you can get cat ears from Claire’s, H/M and Next)

Hope you enjoyed reading this!         Ella                                  

                Walk on Wednesday

Every Wednesday, we try to walk to school in the soggy and fresh morning, so we can get a tiny shiny sticker which then goes into our leaflet. On the leaflet we have eleven circles which fit our sticker, when we finish each row (bronze, silver and gold) we get a badge to show we have finished our leaflet. With the leaflets and badges our teacher’s /monitors give us the stickers to stick on.

GUESS WHAT? Our class (Nightingales) got an award for walk on Wednesday, but the bad news was only two good people got to go to… Leeds castle which the rest of the class found devastating but guess what we got a free ticket to Wild Wood which was amazing. The people (Pola and Ethan) told us they went to a restaurant and Pola had scrumptious chocolate chip cookies and milk and Ethan had a mouth- watering chocolate biscuit and some apple juice( so unfair!). The best thing was they had a picture with a mascot the bad thing was that they were froze to death because they did not have their coats on when they took the pictures.


PS: Try to remember to walk to school!




NiGHTINGALES PE LESSON on tuesday                                                                                                                                    



In our lesson we listened to Just Dance Eye of the Tiger. After that, Miss Flisher taught us about the unison and canon. A canon is when a group of people do a same move at different times also a unison is  where a group of people  do a dance routine together. Near the end of our lesson we got into groups of three and started to do our own routine.                                  


Christmas Carol Concert



EVERY YEAR IN OUR SCHOOL WE Have a special service which includes some very famous songs like away in a manger , midnight and no room at the inn. This year is a special year because this is the first year that all members of family are invited to this event.  Miss magner said there would be drinks and biscuits for all the family. In assembly, our  singing teacher  miss Copley is teaching us these carols.

Decorating our school


As it is soon to be Christmas and we are starting to decorate the hall, classrooms and the entrance. They all look stunning! I think all the classes have done an amazing job. Do you have an elf? I know we do. Do you? Our elf is called Snowflake. Snowflake is a boy and he gets into all sorts of mischief. Today he hung on the lights with my teacher’s water bottle! The sad part is that we aren’t allowed to touch him or the whole class gets bad luck.

At lunch you should have a little look inside the classrooms and see what the classes have inside (make sure no teachers are inside, or any adults. Don’t go inside literally but have a peek inside.)

 Hope you enjoyed reading. See you soon bye!



                                   ABOUT BLOG CLUB


In blog club, we write about what happens in school and why. We find it hard to think about what we’re going to write about, so we have to think about it while we are at school before our club. Also if you didn’t know we don’t write on paper, we actually type on computers. We also don’t want to write about things out of school which is private because we don’t want people to know about it, so then we won’t get into trouble.

In blog club we have a teacher called Mrs Evans to help us write all of our wonderful and readable blogs for you to know about. We have fun writing our blogs because we help each other and get to know each other more. After we get to know each other more, the members here are very kind and always have a big grin on their lovely faces. The best thing is you get to select pictures from safe search that we choose and we get our own learning journal to jot on for some ideas to write.

Did you know if you really want to you can work together to write a blog however, you can still work alone. After Christmas you could come to join ABC blog with us to write together/alone so then you can have a chance. Quiet, don’t tell anyone but sometimes we eat sweets or biscuits which is amazing.

BY: Ruhiyah and Lucy

PS: Thank you for reading all of our blogs, we really appreciate it!




At ABC school, we are having a Christmas fair on Friday 14th December 2018. In the class rooms pupils are making things like Oreo pops. Sadly they did not work out  so well.  But there  are  rice krispie Christmas trees. There will be games like hit Santa off the chimney.  The aim of the game is you have 3 balls and you try to knock Santa off the plastic  chimney.





Hope you come with lóts of money to support my school  most important of all have fun . Thank you matthew





 Every year ,we watch nativities and the first one we saw was on Monday 10th December 2018. I think it was a lot of fun and year r [reception] did an amazing job and put a lot of effort into it. Reception must have had a load of practice and had to miss loads of lessons which is really bad idea because they’re not technically learning anything. I think that for they’re1st time doing it they did a pretty good job. I can’t believe that we actually got too see it because it was amazing. Make sure whenever you see a reception child go congratulate them. Also we watched another play called Prickly hay which was delightful. I think ks1 did a good job but the reception was really sweet, although they did a really good job. The characters were Mary, Joseph, angel, 3 wise men and innkeeper.

This is the last time you will be hearing from ABC blog bye

Ella and Ruhiyah


Note from Mrs Evans: I don't agree that Reception children haven't had any learning while they have been practising their play. I discussed with Ella and Ruhiyah all of the skills that the children would have been learning, such as music, drama, learning lines, writing about the play for a start! The girls seem to agree with me now - but we agreed that it's good write our opinions!