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Goldfinches - Year 6

Welcome back to the final term of primary school. We have lots of exciting opportunities for learning planned for you including trips, guest speakers, poetry recitals and much more!


Our main theme this term is Rivers and we shall also be investigating Adaptation (Science) and thinking about Christian teachings about Creation and comparing these with other religious and scientific ideas. There will be lots to think about!


Here's your homework for this term: select any 5 from the list.

Cristian's immigration story. Not bad for someone who has been learning English for less than 6 months! We're very impressed.

Newsletter 9.3.18

5.3.18 Challenge of the Day

Another day, another challenge - time yourself to see how long it takes you to complete these

Snowmageddon Day 3 - here are some challenges to keep you busy

I hope you are enjoying the snow and have managed to build a snowman, have a snowball fight, catch snowflakes on your tongue, go for a walk in the snow and watch your footprints filling up again.


Now that the excitement has (possibly)  worn off, here is something for you to do instead of playing the computer, watching  T.V. or moaning that you're bored!

Read the UNCRC document (the same one we looked at in class) and think about how each of your rights are met. How could these rights be improved?

You could also download the 5-minute maths challenges and time yourself - then check your answers with a calculator.


If you still have time, why don't you research the snowfall around the country and create a graph to compare different regions? Or you could research the weather today in different European countries (as we're looking at Europe for our topic this term).


Enjoy the extra day off. I'm looking forward to seeing you all back in class.

Challenging Angles

Viking Pyre

Week 6

On Thursday, we did some maths - we were looking at charts and graphs, we even tried to make a chart that showed how many children walked on Wednesday (there were not that many in Goldfinches).

For this week, we focused on writing job adverts for a Viking. We also wrote a letter for the application of a job for a Viking. There were some visitors that came in the school, they were astonished from our work.

We are very excited because on Friday, we get to burn our boats that we have been working on like how the Vikings had their funerals! Thanks to Mrs Finn, we were able to paint our boats and shields with acrylic paint! Thanks a lot to her.                      By Alex


(Note from Mrs Evans: photos of the Viking ships and the fire will be posted soon)

Hard Work

There are areas in every subject that some of us find easier than others to understand. Drawing graphs is difficult: from working out the scale to use, understanding how to plot data and labelling axis, it can be confusing. There is the need for careful plotting, straight lines and attention to detail. It comes naturally to some, for others, it takes hard work and tenacity (that's our word of the week this week). You wouldn't know, by looking at the graphs below, whether the pupils found them easy or difficult, whether they were drawn in 10 minutes or an hour. What shines through is the pride and high standards that Goldfinches apply to their work. Well done!

As we complete our unit on Vikings, we have thought about what it takes to be a Viking and created adverts for Vikings. As you'll see, the vocabulary that we have been using in our writing is exceptional!

Week 5

On Monday we did some Maths - it was about fractions and the class found it very easy! We are now using Mathletics - Mrs Irvine took us to the ICT suite so that we could learn how to use Mathletics. It was a bit annoying when we had to simplify on the second task but most of it was fun and engaging!


This week, we wrote about a dragon egg using expanded noun phrases. We changed the order of sentences so that they kept the same meaning, e.g. Slowly, the  spiny jet-black dragon flopped out of the glistening egg OR The spiny jet-black dragon slowly flopped out of the glistening egg.


Miss Robinson came in to look at our writing and she was flabbergasted so she decided we could have some extra break.


The Deputy Head (Miss Magner) decided to introduce a new scheme to the Upper Key Stage 2 to help certain children in Key Stage 1 at break time. In order to become a buddy, Key Stage 2 needed to write a letter to Miss Magner telling her why they should be able to help. We'll find out next week who has been successful.


By Josh B

Chocolate fountain treat for improved attendance - delicious! Well done to Goldfinches who have really made an effort to come to school every day! What would you like to work towards next term?

Newsletter 15.12.17

Mrs Evans completed some reasoning questions but got them all wrong! Fortunately the pupils in Goldfinches were able to work out what Mrs Evans did wrong before showing how to calculate the correct answer. Look at these examples of our amazing work - it's harder than it looks!

Week 6 Newsletter Here's the latest UKS2 newsletter. As you'll see, we've all been very busy this week.


Here is this week's homework, due in next Friday (15th December). Please ask for help if you need it - don't leave it until the last minute! I have included 3 maths problems - look at each of them then select one to complete. You do not need to complete all 3!