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Herons - Year 5/6



Mathletics, Times Tables and Spelling homework are set weekly in year 5 and are due in every FRIDAY

Curriculum homework is set every 2 weeks and is due in on the FRIDAY of the second week


  • Please ensure you child writes their spellings out 3 times and puts each word into a sentence that makes sense and shows how the word is used.
  • Mathletics MUST be completed on a tablet/PC or device with an internet connection.
  • Mathletics club is run on Wednesday after school to help children who don't have access to devices at home
  • Times tables and their division facts are learnt in class each week and the children MUST practice at home to secure skills
  • Reading must be for 15 minutes each night and the reading record signed by an adult.  it is helpful to tell us in the comments how your child is getting on with their book.





A prompt arrival at school can give your child the best start to their learning journey.  We monitor pupil attendance and share results weekly in our assembly.  Currently Herons Class are a Red band class.  This means that sadly too many pupils are having time off from school or are arriving beyond 9am so are late for school - we need your help to change this - we want to be a green class!


Excellent results 95% or above – what we want
Good results 93% - 94% - starting to be a concern
Almost there 90% – 92% - not good enough
Whoops below 90% - will be referred to local authority attendance service


Ways to help you get to school on time:

Pack your bag the night before school and leave it by the front door

Put your shoes by the front door

Get your uniform ready the night before school

Go to bed at a reasonable time between 8-9pm is best for 9-10 year olds

Get up early around 7 - 7.30am

Have a shower to wake you up

Eat some breakfast

Leave enough time to get to school for 8.45am

Be in class ready to learn before 9am


Breakfast Club at ABC:

Breakfast clubs run daily from 8am to 8.30am through term time and costs £2 per child per day.



Parents Evenings


Thank you to all the parents who came along to Parents Evening.  If you didn't make an appointment I am available after school to discuss your son/daughter's progress with you. 

Please call the school office to make an appointment to see me.


Parents Evenings are booked in the school diary for Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November 2018 between 3.30pm and 6pm.

This year parents are being asked to book an appointment online to see your children's teachers - more information on how to do this will be sent out in week 7.  Please go online to book an appointment that meets your needs.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your son/daughters progress so far this year.


Miss Copley


Welcome back to ABC after a very well needed half term break.  This term we will be focusing our learning on the hashtag #WWJD? (What would Jesus do?), Remembrance Day and our new topic Tomb Raiders - all about the Egyptians! 


To support your children with their learning I recommend a visit to Maidstone Museum to explore the Egyptian exhibition and see a real Mummy - best of all it's FREE! 

Term 2 Week 1


This week we have focused our studies on Biblical parables and exploring the question "What Would Jesus Do?" The children have read some parables form the Bible and have gone on to write some interesting modern day parables exploring themes that are important in modern society.


Term 2 Week 2


This week we have focused on the theme of Remembrance.  We have listened to Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, read poetry by famous World War 1 soldiers and written our own poetry about war, remembrance and forgiveness. 

Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2018 Whitehall London 11am the nation remembered

Being at the Remembrance Parade on Sunday 11th November 2018 was very moving.  Seeing the service men and women who fought for our freedom was an experience I will never forget.  1918-2018 Lest We Forget.

Our School Cenotaph

Term 3 week 3


This week we have focused on developing our understanding of factors, prime and composite numbers and square and cubed numbers.  A lot of children in Herons class still have gaps in their times tables knowledge.  Please help your child learn to recall their times tables at speed with accuracy as these facts underpin so much of the mathematics curriculum.


The children have been writing explanations about the human body and about mummification - including the gory bits!  The children have enjoyed this and some impressive writing has been produced.


Thank you to everyone who joined in with the Pudsey Knock your spots off fundraising events held in school for BBC Children in Need.

Update - Herons got 100% attendance in Term 1 week 5 - so we made it to GREEN!  Well done Herons Lets see how we get on over the next few weeks...

Term 1 PE update:

Herons Class will be completing a Hockey course in PE. 

Children will need their kits in school on FRIDAYS

Thank you

Herons Class

Welcome to our Class page.  We are Herons Class (the BEST class in the school!)

This year we are beginning our journey together as a full year 5 class.


Important dates to remember:

FRIDAY is our PE day - please have kits and trainers in school

FRIDAY is our spelling test day

FRIDAY spelling books must be handed in

FRIDAY spelling homework and Mathletics homework will be set weekly

Curriculum homework is set every other FRIDAY



Our first topic is: "2018 A Space Odyssey"

Between now and half term we will be reading "Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth" and focusing our learning around Space and America.


This term is going to be out of this world!



Week 6

A crazy week for all in Herons Class this week.  The children have been engaged in a poetry week that took them on a journey into outer space to discover all they could about the planets of our solar system.  Using their facts the children then played with description, creating similes and metaphors for their chosen planet and set about writing poetry that would describe their planet - yet not name it - leaving the audience to infer from the clues in the description as to which planet the poets wrote about.


The children have really immersed themselves into this tricky and challenging writing style and have created some amazing poetry.   Watch this space for our published poems - coming very soon.



Week 5

School life just keeps flying by.  This week saw the staff and children take on Silly Socks Day - see our school blog for more information on this fun day.


Herons have been busy creating amazing space story openings, that deliver pace, tension and plenty of drama.  We have really enjoyed being so creative with our writing and will be publishing it here shortly - watch this space.

Week 4 - Friendship Week


This week we shared our school theme of friendship by doing our class assembly based on the Great Bible Bake Off!  The children were challenged by the cast of the Great British Bake Off to come up with a recipe for a friend.  Using our knowledge and experiences of friendships and some guidance from a few bible passages we successfully shared our findings with the school. 


We included:  Humility, Patience and Kindness with Compassion and Gentleness to form our friendship dough.  We then agreed that to bind our friendships together and make them last we needed to include a healthy measure of Love.


Proverbs 1-31 teach us wise sayings about how to live.


" If you forgive what is wrong, then love will increase, but repeating a sin divides good friends.  A good friend is loving all the time"


There are lots of hearts being passed around the school for staff and pupils to sign as a way of sharing friendship and love at ABC. 

Have you seen or signed a heart yet?




This week was SPACE week in Herons Class.  The children have participated in lots of fun and creative tasks - they even had a special surprise from NASA!  Read on to find out more...

Mission Moon

On Wednesday we sat aboard a Saturn V rocket and blasted off into space.  We joined Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on their Apollo 11 mission to the moon.  We survived the extreme G-force of take off and enjoyed floating inside the space craft in zero gravity.  We entered the "Eagle" and prepared for landing on the moon.  As we opened the door of the Lunar lander (our classroom door) we discovered a package...

What was inside the box?

We needed a secret code to open it...


On Wednesday afternoon we explored the universe in the Astrodome!  This was really cool.  We learnt about day and night, the phases of the moon and the constellations in the night sky... Did you know there is a star constellation called Aquilla?  Neither did we - it just goes to prove you learn something new everyday! 

Week 2

Herons had a great week.  Thank you to all the children and families that helped make the cake sales on Thursday and Friday such a success.  Your efforts helped to raise £160!


Launch Day

On Launch day, as a key stage we rotated around our classes and took part in a variety of space themed activities. 

Mrs Evans took the children on a Rocky Road Journey and made space themed cake with the children - it tasted delicious - some of it may have made its way home to you...

Mrs Irvine helped the children to make planet themed sun catchers, some of which are on display in class and they look beautiful in the light.

I took the children on a scientific art adventure, making planet milk with milk, food colouring and washing up liquid.  We then went on to create our own planets using marbling inks and filter papers!


Our Learning Journey:

We've had lots of fun learning about each other, creating biographies and autobiographies in cartoon form - this wasn't as easy as we first thought it would be, but the results were brilliant.

In maths we have been working with negative numbers and solving problems involving them.  It's been a little tricky at times, so our Mathletics homework this week should help us to develop and apply this skill.



We've had lots of reading books, homework books and spelling books returned this week, but for those who are unsure of what is needed here is a helpful reminder:


Please remind children to log onto Mathletics using their pass codes which are inside their curriculum homework books and complete the set tasks each week.


Spelling homework each week requires the children to learn their spellings, write them out 3 times to see the patterns in the words and also to put the words into sentences.  Please check that your son / daughter is completing their homework correctly.  Spelling books must be in school on FRIDAY


To help the children become better writers, regular reading is vital.  Please listen to your child read for 10-15 minutes at least 3 times a week and ask them about their books, a note from you in their record is very helpful.  Your child is responsible for returning and changing their books in class.





Week 1 learning