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Herons - Year 5/6

Term 6 Homework

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Viking Pyre

In our class we did Viking ships - every time we did them, we made them better than the last time. Mine group's ship is the smallest. We took more time than others to make it so we think it looks really good now!


We have done Reading, Maths and SPAG tests this week: they have been hard! I'm glad they're over.


We have been writing about a dragon egg. We magpied some descriptions of an egg hatching and we also used ideas from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (the scene where Hagrid's egg hatches). We have written these up and they are going to go on display. When we did the writing, we edited our texts to improve them by adding more information about the dragon.


By Emilija Morkeliunaite

Newsletter 15.12.17

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