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Kingfishers - Year 3/4

Welcome to Kingfishers!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our exciting new class page.  I will be updating it with news, children's work, achievements and much more very soon.  Our class newsletters will now also be available here too.  I am really looking forward to receiving your feedback.  Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here on our class page.

Below will be the latest homework. Please can your child complete this on a double page spread in their books. Please can you make sure all homework books are brought in every 2 weeks.
As well as this homework your child has a Mathletics login where there will be new tasks regularly.

Thank you for your support.


Mr Cripps

Class teacher


In Kingfisher class this term, we will be creating rain sticks so we require lots and lots of toilet rolls to do this! Please can you/the children bring in the cardboard part of the toilet roll when you are finished with it, thank you for your help smiley



This week (w.b. 11th June) we have been celebrating sports week. During this we have experienced a football tournament and a boxing lesson. We have had great fun and we cannot wait for more experiences to come.

Wednesday came the day of the games. This brought excitement and laughter to the whole class. We enjoyed making our banners for tomorrows running races. We had to make them really big but making sure that we only use our house colour. We then went outside to be apart of the variety of games that Miss Flisher organised for us. We could choose which games we wanted to do within the time we were given. The games we could choose from were: speed stacks, plank, jumping over a hurdle, basketball, football dribble, world cup quiz, wellie throwing, table tennis in the cup, golf, javelin, cup relay, football scoring and sack running. 


More photos and information to be added as we go through the week.

We had great fun on Friday celebrating the monumental event that was going to happen on Saturday. We had our own Bride and Groom who walked down the aisle/field to cut their cake in front of everyone. Some of the girls had a surprise dance for them, which was incredible. After the celebrations, we had a party to celebrate all things England and Royal. 


Writing about our trip from the children will follow:-

Chloe - 'At Living Land we saw dancing sheep called Nobby, Terry, Suzan and some others. We also tasted some apple and pear juice. The apple juice was sour and the pear one was sweat. I liked the pear juice more. I pretended to milk a coq but i didn't get a high score but I had FUN!!!'


Eddy - 'When we went to Living Land I really enjoyed the touch and taste. When i had apple juice it was so nice. We also got to try some sausages which were really nice too. We then went to see the dancing sheep. One sheep was doing the moon walk, and after that he sheared one.'  


One boy said - 'Living Land was lovely, and there were lots of stalls with games to do, get stickers and lots of other things. P.S. it was brilliant'

This week (19th - 23rd March) was Sports Relief week (also test week)! A huge well done to all of the children for trying their best in the Mile Run, our class managed to run 124 miles throughout the whole week whilst also concentrating very well in their tests. Thank you to children, parents and carers for bringing in donations for Sports Relief; the children played Dodgeball against the other Year 3/4 classes and had great fun whilst raising money for a great cause. smiley