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Nightingales - Year 4

frownWelcome to Nightingales!


Hi everyone!

Welcome to our exciting new class page. I have added some web links at the bottom of the page that the children are familiar e.g. Mathletics and also a challenge, should you wish to accept. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here on our class page.

Miss D Haxhiu

This is AFRICA!cheeky

This is Africa! pt. 1.mp4

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This is Africa! pt. 2.mp4

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The children performed their end of term production to the whole school today and it was fantastic. We practiced really hard to make sure our timings and steps were in the correct order. I think they were brilliant, I'm sure you'll agree that after a week and a half of practicing, they were absolutely great.


Enjoy the video and I hope the children have enjoyed their last term in Year 4, it has been a great pleasure! smiley

Our attendance TRIP!frown


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SAFARI time! laugh

On Monday 2nd July, Nightingales, Kingfishers and Woodpeckers went on a fantastic trip to Port Lympne Reserve. We saw deer, giraffes, gorillas, baboons, bison and life-size dinosaurs in the Dinosaur forest, it was great! We had an amazing day with the bumpy Safari ride to start it off and a long trek around the Reserve. We learnt lots about which animals were endangered and talked about whether it was fair to keep animals in captivity too...


The children were so well behaved and did themselves proud.


Well done everyone! smiley

A few videos of the children getting into the Sportsy spirit, cheering on their friends and boxing their socks off! I was so impressed by their behaviour and enthusiasm.

Boxing pt. 1.avi

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Boxing pt. 2.avi

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Boxing pt. 3.avi

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Speed stacking pt. 1.avi

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On Friday, we took part in the World Cup football ABC style - our class were split into 3 teams (Senegal, Morocco and Iceland). We played so well against each other and the teamwork was something to be proud of. We ended up winning the Lower Key Stage 2 tournament in the afternoon 4-0 against Croatia, well done team Morocco, you were fab! Have a listen to Morocco cheering on Iceland when they were playing (they are doing the Icelandic celebration clap).

Icelandic football cheering.avi

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In Nightingale class this term, we will be creating rain sticks so we require lots and lots of toilet rolls to do this! Please can you/the children bring in the cardboard part of the toilet roll when you are finished with it, thank you for your help smiley


Opposites Attract!

In Term 6, we are travelling to Africa and are learning everything we can about it! I was very excited to see the fantastic outfits you all came up with (thank you mums and dads). We had many of the Cat family, elephants and giraffes alongside some tribespeople and Safari tour guides. 


We started the day by discussing what we already know about Africa and what we would like to know. Through popular demand, the children decided they wanted to learn mostly about the life of people in Africa and how it is different to ours. After that, we watched a video of African sunsets and noticed the different colours and how they blend together, also, which animals were in the videos as we needed to draw our own! We created our own African silhouette sunsets. Later on in the day, we did some African dancing and decorated/made our own tribal necklaces using pasta, paint and straws with many bright colours.


Please take a look, myself and Mrs Thomas are very impressed by their efforts!

Fantastic Homework Assembly!

The children worked really hard on their British Landmark projects so we thought it would be a good idea to share these with the other Year 3 and 4 classes whilst also sharing it with all of you! Enjoy looking through some of the fantastic projects and try and guess which landmark is which.


Can I please ask that parents encourage children to be as creative as they want with their homework, and that it is being done at home, we are still waiting for some projects to come in after half term.


Children can access Mathletics at the bottom of the page!


Enjoy the break smiley

The Royal Wedding

We had an absolutely fantastic afternoon celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. Our picnics and cake treats were delicious; after we had a huge feast on the field, we had a bit of a boogie before we decided it was time to see the bride and groom (who you may see in the pictures)! Later on, we had some lovely entertainment from the UKS2 girls showing us their fantastic dance moves. It was truly impressive and their hard work paid off.


We hope you enjoy your own celebrations this weekend, enjoy the sun!


From Nightingale Class.

Important note:


This week's English will be based around writing a story and I have chosen to use Moana as a our focus. The children will see clips from the movie throughout the week as a stimulus for exciting descriptions and immersion into their stories. The film is rated a PG so if anyone has any objections about their children seeing this clip, please let me know. Please be aware that this is to help them fully experience the characters and story-line and will enhance their language and imagination!


*I am so excited to share some of the fantastic work the children created on the website soon.


Thank you for your co-operation.


- Miss Haxhiu.

George Seurat

In our enrichment time on Friday, we looked at the famous work of George Seurat and his intricate technique of creating paintings using defined, precise dots (POINTILLISM). The children and I used cotton buds to create the dots and only a few colours as we mixed the colours we needed. We tried to replicate some of his paintings with a British twist, based on our topic this term.


Here are some of the sketches we based our paintings on:

Living Land Trip


Our trip started well! First, we had lots of singing and games on the bus! As soon as we arrived, we met our mascot, Pedro and followed him around for the whole day. Pedro led us to the 'Touch and Taste' area where the children tried all sorts of different fruits and vegetables that were organic and tasty. We even had a go at making our own muesli and smoothies by riding a bike to power a blender!


After that, we went to see the animals and we were able to touch lots of different animals like roosters, guinea pigs, sheep, lambs and rabbits. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially the sheep show! Ask the children what their favourite part was smiley


Buzzzzzzzzzzzz! Electricity in use...

Some photos of the children finding out how electricity is produced using a Van de Graaff generator. We tried to find out whether we could create friction/static energy by using different materials and rubbing them on different surfaces e.g. heads, hair and on the floor to see if anything happened and we found that some of our hairs were standing on edge. Ask them more about it...

Cup of Tea?


We hope you had a restful break. We have jumped into the ‘Cup of Tea’ theme with our Launch day on Thursday. We had lots of different ideas such as British flags painted, different coloured hair and  different flag colours being worn from the different countries in the United Kingdom.

Our Topic will focus on the different features of land in Britain; we used oil pastels to choose and recreate British landscapes such as mountains and rivers, the countryside or an urban area. We were very impressed with how well the children followed the instructions as using oil pastels is a different skill that requires precise shading.

After that, we had a British Tea party with squash, scones and some sausage rolls, it was yummy smiley LKS2 swapped classes throughout the day so the children were doing different British themed activities – ask them more about it and I'm sure they will tell you...

Easter Egg Hunt with a Maths Twist!


On the last week of term, Miss Haxhiu decided it would be fun for us to go on an Easter egg hunt. However, in order for us to EARN our Easter treats, we had to complete different Maths challenges that were around the classroom. Miss Haxhiu gave us clues as to where the Easter eggs were and we all got at least one (and lots more)! We worked in pairs and used different strategies including drawing, working as a team and bar modelling so that we could find the answer. The most important thing, we didn’t give up! frown


Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy a relaxing, well deserved rest and we look forward to seeing the children back in Term 5 for a Cup of Tea and some scones!

Sports Relief!


This week (19th - 23rd March) was Sports Relief week (also test week)! A huge well done to all of the children for trying their best in the Mile Run, our class managed to run 114.7 miles throughout the whole week whilst also concentrating very well in their tests. Thank you to children, parents and carers for bringing in donations for Sports Relief; the children played Dodgeball against the other Year 3/4 classes and had great fun whilst raising money for a great cause. smiley

World Book Day!


Nightingale class celebrated World Book Day this week! We were paired with Jays and we all had great fun role-playing a great story, The Gruffalo. Mr Hazelby read the book aloud and the children paired up to re-enact what they thought was happening in the story. The children worked so sensibly together and were a great example to the younger children and vice versa. After we acted out the main parts of the story in the hall, we drew and made collages of the main characters using different materials. I think they look fantastic. What do you think?

Anglo-Saxon Launch Day!

We decided to have a battle on the playground. One side were Anglo-Saxons from different Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Holland and Germany) and the other side were the Britons. Some of us were warriors and some were wounded villagers. We learnt that the Romans finally left Britain after they had occupied it for 3 centuries as their Empire was falling apart. The children made their own banners just like the Anglo-Saxons had to represent their own tribes, the children put their own spin on their banners to represent themselves.


Volcano Fun!


This week in Nightingale class, we have been designing our own volcanoes (thinking about materials we might need and why they are the appropriate choice, technique that we needed to create the layers of the volcano that weren’t too soggy!) and creating a chemical reaction that replicated the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. This linked perfectly to everything we have been learning about in Geography.

We then evaluated our designs and thought about how our volcanoes could have been improved, some children wished that they had put more layers on their volcanoes so that it could have been thicker! Everyone enjoyed seeing their volcanoes explode! J

This activity led into the children writing their own instructions, from their own experience, to inform someone else on how to make a volcano!

*Please note that if you have not seen your child in any pictures, it is because we are waiting for the permission slips to be returned.



Survivors: ABC News.


Last week in Nightingale class, we had some Breaking News interviews happening in our classroom! The children were learning about what to do in an earthquake and the impact that they had on survivors and different locations e.g. cities, towns, fields, countryside. We had a look at how they were measured e.g. the difference of an earthquake that measured 1 on the Mercalli scale (teeny tiny, nobody can feel it), in comparison to a 12 (total destruction!) We enjoyed making some interview questions for each other, pretending we were interviewers and surivivors, using Mexico as a real life example of the disaster.

*Please note that if you have not seen your child in any videos, it is because we are waiting for the permission slips to be returned.

Earthquake Interviews pt.4.mp4

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Earthquake Interview pt.3.mp4

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Earthquake Interviews pt.2.mp4

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Earthquake Interviews pt.1.mp4

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Welcome Elfie!


In Nightingales, we have had a special visitor in our class (as mentioned on the Newsletter), Elfie the Elf has been flown in from the North Pole with very specific instructions: to look out for those children that are trying to do their best. She noticed that Mantvydas had kindly helped other children with their work, Nathan was trying very hard with his writing and Jonelle and Urvika have been showing some great mathematical reasoning.

She has also been a little mischievous throughout the week, giving the children a little laugh when they come into the class in the morning.

Boudicca Back From The Dead!


In Year 3 and 4, we had a special visitor for our Romans topic. Her name was Boudicca! She came to tell us the story of how Britain/the Celtic tribes attempted to resist the Roman invasion in 43AD-55AD. The children were very intrigued when she ran into our school hall screaming and shouting that there were Romans chasing her!


Boudicca inspired us to create collages with different materials so we could remember what she looked like which then helped us to produce some descriptive writing of Boudicca’s appearance/storyboards using time conjunctions to order the events of the resistance.


Have a look below at some of the fantastic work produced by the children:

Grow Cocoa Beans, Grow!


Throughout the week we had a look at where cocoa trees grow on a map of the world; we were able to locate the continents in which cocoa grows and the children prepared their own segment of ABC News to present to the class about how the cocoa trees grow, below you will see photos of the children being news reporters and you may notice some of the cocoa bean growing-process.