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Redwings - Year 5

After a short visit downstairs, Mrs Irvine is back!!!  Apologies for the website not being updated but as you can imagine, dealing with little ones (in year 2!) took all my time and energy.  I am really glad to be back and looking forward to the rest of the year!

The children have been making great strides while I have been gone.  I would personally like to thank Mrs Page for her hard work looking after the children and teaching them so well.  They have learned a lot and the increase in their skills has shown in the recent tests that they have done.  The best thing they can do now is to carry that attitude forward and by the end of the year the sky will be the limit (or maybe outer space, they could fly that far!)

On thing that is still holding some of them back is their times table knowledge.  Please try to find time, it could be in the car, before bed, after dinner, anytime, just 5 minutes, to try to help your child learn their tables.  There are You tube songs for those with access to them, or rhymes or just reciting them,  It may sound boring but it helps with so much of their maths and there is really no escaping them.


As we only have 8 days left at school This weeks homework is due in next Friday, that's just one week!

However I have been very generous and ask the children for one of two fun projects that they can make as easy or as difficult as they like.

1) Make a Christmas decoration for the classroom.  This can be anything they like, made from anything they like. Please make sure it is safe ie things are not going to fall off it, and also that you are respectful of the fact this is a christian school and Christmas is a major Christian celebration.

2) Draw a Christmas/winter scene.  I understand not all of us celebrate Christmas, so the second suggestion is a scene from winter. Admittedly not all our winters are the picture postcard snow scenes, but they are much prettier than a field of mud and grey clouds!  Alternatively, if they believe, they could draw a scene from Santa's workshop showing elves and toys etc.  The brighter the better.  These can be any size they like, but bear in mind we do not have a massive classroom so space for display is limited!


I hope they enjoy this homework, it could, and should be fun.

This week has been amazing.

To start with our Christmas tree was brought in by an elf called Snowflake.  He has been very busy in our classroom and is somewhere new every day, we can only imagine what he gets up to during the evenings.  Hopefully he won't wreck our classroom over the weekend!

We have been working hard on our English newspaper reports, and also understanding pictograms and bar charts in maths, so on Friday afternoon, we had an art lesson drawing Egyptian tomb paintings.  All the photos we saw showed the people standing really oddly, with their heads and feet facing one direction and their shoulders facing directly to the front. It made them look really odd and it was very hard to pose like that, but we guessed that it was because faces and feet are easier to draw side on, but shoulders are easier facing forwards. Have a look at our brilliant pictures below!

We have a lot happening next week: two school nativities to watch; the Christmas Fair on Friday; our last day with Mrs Lundy.  And still we have a mountain of work to do, so next week will be another amazing full week!

Have a great weekend!




We have set some new, Egypt based homework.  This is due in on Thursday 22nd November, not the Friday as we are not in school!


You can either make a sarcophagus (the Egyptian coffin)


Research the River Nile and its importance to Egypt.


Present your work in as creative a way as possible, you always come up with some fabulous ideas!

What a fantastic launch day we had.

Mrs Irvine taught about hieroglyphics, the Egyptian form of writing and we all wrote our names and made a cartouche out of them.  Then Miss Copley taught about Death Masks and we had a chance to decorate our own, and to end the day there were Mummy races in the hall which involved a lot of toilet paper!  The new topic has certainly started with a bang and there is so much to learn this term before we even begin to think about the C word (CHRISTMAS! There, I said it!)

We had a couple of people in Redwings class dress up, but not many which is fine as we understand that not everyone likes dressing up.  But well done to our brave two!


I hope you are all looking forward to the rest of the term as much as I am!

Mrs Irvine

Our fabulous cartouches - can you spot yours?

A brilliant week which we all learned a lot about the first world war and what the trenches were like and how it affects people today.  Well done to all the children for handling such a tough topic so maturely.  It is very important that we remember the sacrifices people made in order for us to be free today.  The class wrote some poetry and made some wonderful silhouettes which we have on display in the classroom.  They look particularly amazing when the sun shines through them in the afternoon!

Well done everyone and see you next week for the start of our new topic 'The Egyptians!'

Our Sillhouettes


That got you all didn't it!  Well done to those who completed all their topic homework last term, I hope you all enjoyed your treats, and hopefully those who didn't manage it this time will make an extra effort next time. 

We have been very generous this week and have not set you any homework over the holiday as we feel it is important for you to have a break from your hard work - Enjoy your holiday!

So we have reached half term, well done and thank you to all the children who have made this term a success!  We have achieved some great things and done some amazing learning.

As we head off for half term, don't forget about school, completely.  Mathletics will be available right through the holidays to hone your skills - remember the challenge is still out there, if you get in to the top 100 in this country, I will give you a prize!  And there is always the local library to get some amazing reading books to help you there, you don't need a huge bookshelf in your bedroom when you can borrow them for free.

Our topic next term, as many of you have realised, is Egyptians, so if you fancy a free day out, why not visit Maidstone Museum and have a look at their mummy?  It will be good research for when we get back.

I hope you all have a good and safe half term, relax, recharge and spend time with those you care about, the week will flash by really quickly, and you will be back in school, with lots to learn and do before you know it :-)

Another brilliant week! 

The children have outdone themselves with their poems, I hope you will agree when you look at them, some of them are amazing.  And they told me poems were hard!  Just goes to show, it's only as hard as you think.

In Maths we have been looking again at Place value and extending our knowledge to bigger numbers up to 1,000,000 (one million) looking at reading them, writing them, rounding them.  The children are remembering their previous work well and moving on a pace!

Our art/DT aliens have turned out fantastically and the children will get a chance to complete them this week so watch this space for some invaders next week.

I hope you have a great weekend and look forward to a busy and productive last week of term next week


The rockets were brilliant this week, and the Maths based projects produced some amazingly creative displays too.  This weeks homework is as follows:


Choose on of the following:


Write a review of either your favourite science fictions film/book or one you have seen/read recently.


Find and record the distance from the sun of each of the planets in our Solar System.  Present your findings as a diagram, model or any way you choose.


This is due in on the 19th October 2018

Another amazing week, we are a brilliant class.


We had a new child join us this week and we would like to extend our welcome to him and his family.


We also wrote some brilliant openings to our stories, but although I promised to get them on our website, we are making sure they are stunning and are taking a little longer - I promise they will be up as soon as they are completed (Monday hopefully).


Our division is coming along in Maths - its just those pesky times tables we need to learn - I wonder how many of the children have gone home singing the three times table song?  You will know if they did! I would apologise but it is a good way for children to learn them so if it helps them, why not?


We also had some amazing rockets in for homework, two of them even flew! Well done to those who completed the written homework too.  Don't forget a new homework went our this week, it is due in on the 19th, the last day of term.



I hope you all have an amazing weekend, don't forget your Mathletics!

A brilliant week which has produced some of the best work yet!

Our art lesson on Wednesday focused on an american artist called Greg Simkins, who paints fantastical pictures of animals in strange setting. The children were really inspired by this and have produced some amazing artwork.





Our maths has shown we actually know more about multiplication than we thought, but some of us still need to work on our times tables.  Please work on them at home as they will keep popping up across the year!


In our English lessons we have been completing our posters of Moon/space facts which have turned out beyond even my expectations!  There are a couple that still need the finishing touches putting on due to some extra group work happening, but they are all so amazing.  See the finished articles below!


Lastly I would just like to extend my thanks once again to the children for making me proud while I was out of the classroom on Wednesday.  Their behaviour and work was commented on and they all deserve a clap on the back.


I would also like to thank the three children who completed and handed in their homework.  Each week I set Mathletics and spelling homework and this week I had only three children who completed and handed in both!  This is very disappointing as the homework is meant to help them with their learning and if they do not do it, then it makes it harder for them.  Please encourage your child to do their homework every week, and if there is a problem, please speak to me and I will try to arrange a suitable time during the day to help them.


From next week, year 5 will be having a specialist PE teacher coming in to teach them hockey.  Until further notice, PE will be on a Thursday.  Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every week as this is an amazing opportunity not to be missed.

Thank you


The homework this week was amazing, the children who chose the writing task did a brilliant job researching the rules and those who made cakes... well we all enjoyed eating them!

This week's homework is to choose one of the following:

a)Build a rocket that actually flies.  Bring it in to demonstrate or take photos of your rocket before, during and after flight.


b) Work out your age based on each of the planets in our solar system based on Earth years.  For example if you are 10 Earth years old, you would be 5 Martian years old, or if you were 10 Martian years old you would be 20 Earth years old.  Present your findings as creatively as you wish.

This is due in on 5th October.

There are also spellings sent home each week where your child needs to copy the word three times and write a sentence using each word, to show they understand it meaning.

We also set Mathletics homework each week, which is done on the computer.  If your child does not have access to the internet at home, there will be a Mathletics club after school on a Thursday to enable them to complete this.

Any problems with the home work, please see me as soon as possible, it is hard to sort out problems on a Thursday, justbefore they are due in!

What an amazing week in Redwings class!  The big secret was REAL SPACE ROCKS which had been collected by NASA from as far away as Mars!  The children were very excited to hold rocks which had travelled thousands of miles through space before arriving in our humble classroom.  They had the opportunity to study them with a magnifying glass and a microscope (which we also used to look at out fingerprints).  The rocks ranged from looking a bit boring and plain to sparkly like the stars!

We also had a visit from a planetarium who showed us how the stars look like they are moving round the earth (although really it's us that move!) and taught us some of the constellations by projecting them on the inside of a huge dome that was set up in the hall.  It fit the whole of UKS2 in!  I wonder how many of them could find the great bear/usa major/the big dipper (the saucepan) and then find the north star?

We also looked at the stages of the moon and how its rotation and orbit produce the new moon where it is all dark and then round to the full moon and back again.  We got a little dizzy turning round and round in the classroom trying it out with football moons!

We also had some amazing cakes brought in for the homework.  We have all eaten some wonderful creations this week, sadly next weeks homework is not edible but should produce some equally fabulous results!

Hopefully the children's enthusiasm for space will carry forward to next week when we are going to learn some more amazing facts and details about the mysteries of the wider solar system and the galaxy!


Welcome to the Redwings class page!  Here you will find copies of work produced and words from the children about what we have been doing.

This weeK has been a fantastic week in Redwings class, the children have outdone themselves with their behaviour while I have been away and ill.  Their listening skills while I have no voice and their behaviour have been exemplary and I would like to again extend my heartfelt thanks to them and you for the support.

This week has been amazing work wise too with our launch day on Monday producing some amazing work and inspiring the children to learn about our new topic, 2018: a space odyssey.  They produced some brilliant planets and some very tasty moon rocky road cakes.  I don't know if any of you got to try it, but it was lovely.

Some fabulous writing about themselves and then about an alien from outer space in English and a focus on the basics of place value in Maths have seen the children using not only their brains, but their imagination too.

With a massive focus on reading this term, please can I ask you to ensure your child reads at home as often as possible.  I realise that it may be difficult some days as they have such busy lives, but even a short amount of reading can improve their work.  It does not have to be their school book, if they have something at home they enjoy reading, that is perfect!  Get someone to write in their reading record so we can mark it on the chart; there are prizes to be won!

Newsletter 07/09/19