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Redwings - Year 5

Predict how quickly you can complete these then time yourself. Were you right?

Have you had enough snow yet? Have a go at these to keep you ticking over ...

Viking Pyre

Viking Letters

Blake has written a letter applying for a job as a Viking. We think you will agree, he's done a great job!

Week 6

This week we have finished our dragon eggs and painted them. They look a bit like Easter eggs because the colours are really bright. One of the dragon eggs looks like a real dragon egg!


In maths we had a sequence of numbers: we had to pick middle numbers that were missing. We also worked with decimals - we found out that  0.5 represents a half and 0.25 is a quarter.


We started writing a Viking warrior letter and we wrote a reply for a job advert. I would not like to be a Viking because they had to risk their lives for getting whatever they wanted! They just killed and stole slaves - something I would not want to do. They were selfish as well.


It was an excellent week. It was exciting and full of surprises. We're looking forward to half term but of course, we are going to miss school!


By Denzel A and Delia L

Week 5

This week we have made some amazing paper mache eggs!

We have written some fantastic stories about eggs (dragon eggs!).


We have had some great people, Charlton Athletic, come in for PE. We had a dodging dodgeball tournament.


Redwings have had a great week!


by Leo Cleall

Newsletter 15.12.17

We have some fantastic homework each week, let’s see if everyone can do some homework this week!

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