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Prayer and Worship

Monday 20th July - Generosity - What is the cost?

Friday 17th July - Celebrate the Rainbow - Blue and Purple

Tuesday 14th July: Patience with Ourselves

Monday 13th July 2020 Patience with Circumstances

Friday 10th July 2020: Celebrate the Rainbow - Green

Thursday 9th July 2020: Humility about Our Place in God's Amazing World.

Wednesday 8th July 2020: Humility about Ourselves

Monday 6th July 2020:Humility

Friday 3rd July: We are looking at the colour yellow in the rainbow. Today we are having a Zoom Collective Worship in school. Please join us through the power point.

Wednesday 1st July 2020: Love is an action

Monday 29th June 2020: Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Friday 26th June - today we are having a zoom collective worship in school. Please follow at home the power point we will be sharing at school.

Thursday 25th June 2020: Love others as we love ourselves

Wednesday 24th June 2020: I am special

Tuesday 23rd June 2020: Who is different?

Monday 22nd June 2020: Who needs help?

19 June 2020: Celebrate the rainbow - RED

The Duchess of Cambridge will be delivering a special assembly today, 18th June, at 11am


You can find it here:


Friday 5th June 2020: Celebrate

Thursday 4th June 2020: Jesus will never leave us

Wednesday 3rd June 2020: Jesus ahead of us

Tuesday 2nd June 2020: Jesus before us

Monday 1st June 2020: Jesus beside us

Friday 22nd May 2020: Celebrate Learning

Thursday 21st May 2020: Choose Peace (2)

Wednesday 20th May 2020: Choose Peace

Tuesday 19th May 2020: Share Love

Monday 18th May 2020: What is Love?

Friday 15th May 2020: Celebrate Creativity

Thursday 14th May 2020: Search for Beauty (2)

Wednesday 13th May 2020: Search for Beauty

Tuesday 12th May 2020: Create Laughter (2)

Monday 11th May 2020: Create Laughter

Friday 8th May 2020: Celebrate Victory

Thursday 7th May 2020: Find your kindness (2)

Wednesday 6th May 2020: Find your kindness

Tuesday 5th May 2020: Seek Joy (2)

Monday 4th May 2020: Seek Joy

Friday 1st May 2020: Celebrate our mistakes

Thursday 30th April 2020: Celebrate Victory

Wednesday 29th April 2020: Be the Hope

Tuesday 28th April 2020: Build Friendships 2

Monday 27th April 2020: Build Friendships 1

Friday 24th April 2020: Celebrate Family

23rd April 2020: Offer Forgiveness 2

22nd April 2020: Offer Forgiveness

21st April 2020: Be Generous

20th April 2020: Give Thanks

Friday 10th April 2020: Holy Week Day 5

Thursday 9th April 2020: Holy Week Day 4

Wednesday 8th April 2020: Holy Week Day 3

Tuesday 7th April 2020: Holy Week Day 2

Monday 6th April 2020: Holy Week Day 1

Friday 3rd April 2020: My Neighbour

Thursday 2nd April 2020: Jesus' First Miracle

Wednesday 1st April 2020: 365 times!

Tuesday 31st March 2020: The fruit that God gives

Monday 30th March 2020: Good Fruit

Friday 27th March 2020: He leaves the 99 to find me

Thursday 26th March 2020: The prayer that Jesus taught

Wednesday 25th March 2020: No Matter What

Tuesday 24th March 2020: Did you forget who I was?

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. Thank you for all the lovely cakes. Your generous support raised £216.75.