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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Robins - Nursery

Welcome to Robins!

Book Corner


The Jungle display/book corner (made by the nursery children) makes the classroom brighter and a more interesting and stimulating place to learn. Imaginations run wild in young children and role-play can also make reading fun. Play is the best form of learning in early years as it develops communication, reading and language skills.

The benefits of mark making in the early years; it is a sensory and physical experience which can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. As well as early writing, mark-making can develop into mathematical representation and creative expression. Mark- making in all forms needs to be valued, encouraged and discussed.

Here is our stall at the Christmas Fayre. Thank you all for coming to buy the wonderful things we have been busy making. We hope you enjoyed them!
We have been very busy in Robins over the past week. Our parents have been in and have been helping us make crafts for the Christmas fair which is on Friday 15th December. I am sure you will agree they look fantastic!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our exciting new class page.  I will be updating it with news, children's work, achievements and much more very soon.  Our class newsletters will now also be available here too.  I am really looking forward to receiving your feedback.  Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here on our class page.

Mrs Paul