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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Woodpeckers - Year 3

Welcome to Woodpeckers! We hope the children have enjoyed their first weeks back at school. Mrs Thomas and I have been very impressed with how well the class have adapted to being part of a new Key Stage - they have done wonderfully well.

Our topic this term is Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate! This is in reference to the ancient Mayans, who were the first to discover chocolate. 

  • Spellings are set on a Friday and a test will be taken on the following Friday.
  • Homework is set every other Friday. The children have two weeks to complete it.
  • PE kits must be in school! PE lessons are every Monday afternoon.
  • We are in KS2; the children can buy fruit for 20p at playtimes. If your child has money for fruit we will keep it safe for them in the classroom.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Mr Newman and Mrs Thomas

We have been working extremely hard on our maths and reasoning skills. We have used different objects to help us with our learning and progress to the next challenge. We have shown some great tenacity to make sure that we complete the work to the best of our ability.
During term 2, we had the privilege of having a visit from a Judo master. We were able to learn different moves and how to defend ourselves without violence. It was made clear that Judo is not to be used as violence but for self-defence and a way of discipline.

Rainforest settings

Rememberance Day poems

Mayan stories