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Wrens - Year R

Welcome to Wrens!


Wednesday 11th July: Our school trip


Today we had such a great day on our class trip to Wildwood Trust. The day started with an exciting coach trip, we played lots of games of I-spy, sang some songs and read signs on our way. Whilst on our trip we saw so many animals; otters, ravens, herons, wallabies, horses, wild boar, bison's, chickens, rabbits, bees and bears! We loved walking over the bears on the rope bridge and we were so brave! I think the most exciting part of the day was lunch time and the park!!

Today we have been thinking about our trip to Wildwood, Mrs Eades showed us a map of the wildlife park and this inspired us to draw our own maps of our trip. Look at our fantastic maps.

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from some mini-beasts!! Katie's mum very kindly brought in her giant millipede called Evie and her royal python called Poffin. We loved seeing them, asking questions to help us find out more about them, and we even got to hold them....we were  very brave!!

We then did some art work using charcoal and paint.



On Wednesday we had our launch day for our term 6 topic of mini-beasts. I am glad I am not scared of mini-beasts as we had all kinds of insects and creepy crawlies coming into school; we had bumble bees, spiders, ladybirds, caterpillars and butterflies! The children all looked fantastic.

We enjoyed doing some mini-beast dancing, sharing facts about mini-beasts and even going on a mini-beast adventure in our school allotment. We were so surprised with all the different types we found.

Royal Wedding Picnic


Today was our royal wedding picnic we had such a fun time eating our picnic on the field, dancing to music, seeing the bride and groom cut the wedding cake and watched some dancing. We cannot wait to watch the royal wedding this weekend!

This week in maths we have been focusing on teen numbers. We really enjoyed taking part in activities to help us remember that when we write teens the 1 comes first! We made a number line using the number tiles and drew that amount of objects, we counted objects and matched to the number, we played number splat and some of us used the bead strings to find two numbers that add together to make 20.

Pond Dipping


We had such an exciting and fun afternoon visiting our school pond in the sunshine. We enjoyed exploring the pond life and seeing all the wonderful things that are growing in there. We found all sorts such as; plants, snails and newts.

Launch Day-Tuesday 17th April


Today was our launch day for our term 5 topic of growing. We all came in dressed as a fairy tale character, a character from Jack and the Beanstalk or something related to growing. We had a really fun day planting different seeds, visiting our allotment and finding growing things and we even made some scarecrows! We cannot wait to learn more about growing this term.

Book Day- Thursday 22nd March


Today we celebrated World Book Day (a little bit later due to the snow!). We brought in our favourite books from home and some of us created some fantastic things to do with the book. We loved sharing these with the rest of the class and this inspired lots of us to then go and make our own things such as puppets, models, and story maps of our favourite books. Well done Wrens!

The Easter Story


Today we have been learning about the Easter story, we listened to the story and heard about how at Easter Jesus rose from the dead. We thought about how this must have been a very happy time for everyone! We then made an Easter garden with the empty tomb, the stone rolled away and a cross. We also heard about how Christians go to Church at Easter and decorate a large cross with flowers, we then made a smaller version of this.



We had great fun on the climbing apparatus today in P.E with Miss Flisher. We really enjoyed balancing, jumping and climbing.


This week has been a very cold one, but we were so excited to see the snow! In the morning we noticed it was snowing quite heavily and we all wanted to go and have some fun in the snow. Here are some photos of us making snowmen and clearing up the snow (which was great for our arm muscles).

A Special letter!


This week we received a 'special' letter from a lady called 'Mrs Honey Potts'. She wrote to us to ask if we could help her make some waterproof coats for teddy bears, as usually she does but they have recently been complaining that they haven't kept them dry. We loved making coats for the teddies in our classroom. We chose the material we thought would be best for a coat, we then tested them to see which ones were waterproof or not.

The Three Little Pigs


We have been painting pictures of the story in Art this week. We got to choose which characters or scene we wanted to paint, can you guess the parts of the story we have painted?



This week in Maths we have been sorting objects. We have been sorting by colour, shape, size and even by types of animal. We really enjoyed sorting lots of different things in the classroom. Can you work out how we have sorted these things?

Christmas Dinner and Party!- Wednesday 20th December


Today has been such an exciting day we have had our first Christmas dinner at school, we loved sitting with our teachers to eat and enjoyed pulling the crackers. This afternoon we have been partying away! We brought in our party clothes and played lots of games our favourite was pass the parcel.

Christmas Art


Today we have been busy creating Christmas crafts. We had to listen carefully to the instructions and look at the pictures to help us make these wonderful snowmen and Christmas trees. As you can see we have been practising different skills such as cutting, folding, and using a ruler.


Christmas Jumper Day- Friday 15th December


Today was Christmas Jumper Day, here are some of us in our lovely festive jumpers!

Our First Nativity at Archbishop Courtenay- Tuesday 12th December


On Tuesday 12th December we performed our nativity 'A King is Born 'to our parents. Here are some of us in our costumes just before we went on stage! We all really enjoyed it, and we all did so well at remembering all our lines and all the words to the songs.

Christmas Card Competition


We are so proud of the Wrens for taking part in our local MPS Christmas card competition. The children all tried very hard to draw their best designs for the cards. Helen Grant proudly visited our school today and presented the children with a certificate to thank them for taking part. Well done!

A surprise visit!


WOW! Today has been very exciting...last night we had a visit from somebody very important.

When we got to school this morning there was snow and large sooty footprints in our outdoor area. We then found a present under the tree, inside was a letter from Father Christmas! He had written to tell us he has left us with an elf, we were very excited to then find where the elf was hiding.

Our next job is to think of a name for her. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our exciting new class page.  I will be updating it with news, children's work, achievements and much more very soon.  Our class newsletters will now also be available here too.  I am really looking forward to receiving your feedback. 

Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see here on our class page.

Mrs Eades