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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

The Pupil Premium is a sum of money which is given to schools to close the learning gap between children who are disadvantaged and their peers. This means that children who are eligible for free school meals, or have been in the past, receive additional funding to help support their learning in school.


Number of pupils in school


Number of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium


Amount received 2016-2017



How our Pupil Premium money is spent

  • Funding of our Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager who supports families

  • Used to support school strategy on improving whole school attendance

  • Subsidize school trips

  • Provide enrichment opportunities

  • Funds additional adults throughout the school

  • Provide individual support for children through targeted intervention

  • Provide counselling and emotional support for identified children


Pupil Premium at Archbishop Courtenay Primary School is well monitored, evaluated and structured. Close tracking of the progress and attainment of the pupils is undertaken throughout the year and Pupil Premium pupils are discussed termly during pupil progress meetings where interventions and support are set up and next steps identified. All staff have a clear understanding of the barriers to learning for disadvantaged pupils and plan effectively to accelerate this group to their next level of achievement in all areas.


Our Christian values are at the forefront of our school’s philosophy and we believe that everyone can achieve. We seek to offer every single child consistent quality first teaching and learning which challenges them at all levels. We also offer all pupils social and emotional support which will enable them to overcome barriers to success.


Focus of support 2017-2018 – Funding allocation £120,000


This year the school’s main focus is on reading and developing a culture of reading for pleasure. The money will be spent to develop classroom resources and provide intervention to support early reading for vulnerable children. The other focus within school is on writing and funding is being used to provide pupils with additional individual support to help with this.


A percentage of Pupil Premium will also be used to fund wellbeing support. Please see our Pupil Premium Strategy for more detailed information.

Happy New Year everyone and a very warm welcome to our new children and their families. We are no longer accepting cash payments for school dinners. All payments should be made using the Nourish on-line payment system. Further details on the Parents' Page/Lunch Menus or please contact the school office for further assistance.