Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Who's Who


Miss Robinson

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Magner


Mrs Ewan

NQT Co-ordinator

Mrs Linn



Robins (Nursery)

Mrs Paul

Wrens (Year R)

Mrs Eades (Foundation Stage Leader)

Jays (Year R)

Mrs Mower

Swifts (Year 1)

Miss Hall (Key Stage 1 Leader)

Swallows (Year 1/2)

Mrs Alder/Mrs Bourdillon

Chaffinches (Year 2)

Miss M Haxhiu

Woodpeckers (Year 3)

Mr Newman

Kingfishers (Year 3/4)

Mr Cripps (Lower Key Stage 2 Leader)

Nightingales (Year 4)

Miss D Haxhiu

Redwings (Year 5)

Mr Hazelby/Miss Sutherland

Herons (Year 5/6)

Miss Copley


Goldfinches (Year 6)

Mrs Evans (Upper Key Stage 2 Leader)/

Mrs Irvine


 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Almeida

Mrs Finn

Mrs Makepeace

Mrs Burlace

Miss Flisher

Mrs Parajuli

Mrs Cleall

Mrs Flynn

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Cole

Mrs Hallihan

Mrs Warren

Ms Condon

Mr Lacy

Mr Webster

Mrs Eves

Mrs Lavery

Mrs Williams


Mr Lee



 Pastoral & Wellbeing Manager Mrs Gooding

 School Business Manager Mrs Morgan

 Finance Officer Mrs Janman

 School Secretary Mrs Freed

 Site Manager Mr Parker


 Midday Supervisors

 Mrs Chalmers-Stevens

 Mrs Kinch

 Mrs Meadows

 Mrs Suddes

Congratulations to Ella Amess and Freya Haynes - read their stories on our Parents' Page under Latest News.