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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Happy Wednesday Jays and Wrens, here is your home-learning for today. We can't wait to see what you get up to. 


Wake and Shake Cosmic Kids Yoga-Bunny Bounce.



Our phonics focus for this week is phase 3 vowel digraphs.Today is a little bit different because today we are going to practise our first trigraph- that means it has three letters, one sound!

Today’s vowel digraph is ‘igh’


Have a look at the Letters and sounds task here:


Now, have a listen to this story- It’s called ‘Goodnight, Sleep Tight’, as you listen can you identify any words that contain the ‘igh’ sounds? Maybe, you could make a list! If you have a good book at home, you could use that instead.


Topic/ Literacy


Today we are going to combine our topic lesson with some reading. Our learning objective is to learn about dinosaur habitats.


 Now, if you have one- you could find this information from a reference book such as the example I have included here. Remember to use the contents page to find the information you are looking for. You can also learn about dinosaur habitats by looking at the following websites and reading the information. You might need to get a grown up to read it to you as some of the words can be quite tricky but make sure you are listening really carefully.




Once you have found out all of your amazing information I would like you to make your very own Dinosaur Habitat! Have a look at the examples for some inspiration!




Your handwriting focus for today is to write the letter ‘n’. It is very similar to the letter we practised yesterday (m) so I am sure you are going to be fantastic! Once you have had a go at practising writing ‘n’ could you play a little game with someone at home. You need to draw on each other’s backs using your finger and guess if your partner is writing an ‘m’ or and ‘n’.



Today, our PE objective is to explore travelling high and low using different body parts. Have a look at the movement card below, can you try out each movement, once you have practised it I wonder if you can identify which body parts are high and which body parts are low? For example, I can see that the position ‘inverted shoulder support’ needs your feet to be high and your shoulder to be low to the ground. Have fun!