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Wake and Shake:


Let’s start by getting warmed up for the day, I hope you have lots of energy for this one today:

Better when I'm Dancing - Easy Kids Dance Warming Up Video

Phonics: Today’s digraph is ‘oo’


As well as learning the phonics sounds for each letter we also need to be able to name the letter names, have a practise of this by singing the alphabet: ABC song:

ABC Song | All the Letters Came to Tea Song

Yesterday, you learned the digraph ‘oo’, however this was the long ‘oo’ sound that we hear in words such as; moon, spoon, zoo. Today you will be learning the short ‘oo’ sound which is in words such as; book, look, took. Today’s lesson is ‘Lesson 17 oo (book)’:

(click the image to take you to the website) 


 After watching the video perhaps you would like to try one of these activities:

Watch the Alphablocks:

Blending words with both the long and short ‘oo’ sound:

Play roll and read with both the long and short oo sound.

Handwriting: Letter p


Before we start handwriting, have a go at this hand exercise:



Watch the video on how to write the letter 'p'.

How to write 'Pp'

Still image for this video

Extension: What can you find in your kitchen that starts with ‘p’? (I found 7 objects)

Maths: Live TEAMS session at 10.30am


Our learning intention for Maths today is: To learn the number 6.

To be successful in today’s learning you will be able to: Name the number 6, order numbers to 6 and match the correct number of objects to a numeral.


Your activity for today is based on the story of ‘Six Dinner Sid’.

I would like you to make 6 houses you can decorate them however you wish, and then I would like you to put the numbers 1 to 6 on them, and stick them in the correct order. Then you make like to make some little ‘Sid’s’ (the cat) and match the correct amount to each house (or instead of cats you may choose to use different objects).


Extension: If after this activity you want to continue working on number 6, can you find any number sixes in your house? If you cannot find any number 6’s maybe you could make groups of 6 objects. Can you make a group of objects that is fewer than, more than and the same as 6?


Have a look at the ‘Number 6 home learning challenge’ sheet.

Expressive Arts and Design:


Can you remember what our topic for the term is? That’s right dinosaurs!!

I would like you to think of your favourite dinosaur, what does it look like? What colour is it? Does it have horns or spikes? Does it have a beak? Compare it to another dinosaur.


Today you are going to get creative and make your own dinosaur mask. This may be one that covers your face or it could be one that just sits on your head.


Here are some examples for you: