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Lesson 1

Day 1: trial and error
On this day, you will build a paper aeroplane from your previous experiences and use it in the following four challenges. Note down any strengths or weaknesses in each of the challenges. What might you want to change when building your fleet of planes? What might you keep? NO EDITING OR CHANGING OF THIS AEROPLANE!


Read all of the instructions here before starting: this will help you to plan.


1. In the first round, you will assign a target, like a pole or a tree, and a spot from which to throw. I suggest about 10 steps or so between the throwing spot and the target. You then need to throw a plane, with the goal being to land it as close to the target as possible.


2. In the second round, you need a stopwatch (I use the one on my i-Phone).  Throw a plane while you time how long it stays in the air, with the goal being to fly as long as possible. It makes no difference where the planes land, only how much time it stays airborne.


3. In the third round, you will choose a straight path of some sort, like a pavement or garden path, and a starting point along the path. Throw a plane along the path, with the goal being to land the plane as close to the middle of the path as possible. It makes no difference how far the planes travel, only how accurate you are in relation to the path. 


4. In the final round, find a nice open area (for example your garden or park - or your front room of you can't get out) and assign a starting spot.  Throw your plane, with the goal being for the plane to fly as far as possible.


Make a note of times and distances. How will you record these? If you do not have a tape measure or metre stick, how will you measure distance?