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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Happy Friday everyone! Today our super movers dance is called ‘believe’.


For our phonics today, it is time to review all of your great learning this week.

Lesson 25: Review of the week


For your topic lesson today, we would like you to create your own map! But... your map is going to be extra special as it is going to be a map of Dinosaur Land!!

So, you are going to take all of the knowledge you have learnt over the past couple of weeks about dinosaurs and their habitats to create your own Dinosaur World. You can include different areas for different dinosaurs! Maybe you would like a forest or a desert? Perhaps you could include some water! You could even draw on a key to help the map reader find what they are looking for more easily. Have a look at the examples to get you started!


Today in handwriting we will be looking at writing the tricky word ‘into’. Have a go at practising the word and saying it aloud to help you remember the spelling.

Have a look at this Dinosaur tricky words video to review all the tricky words we have learnt this week:


Firstly, have a look at this story called ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’

Can you write down on pieces of paper all the things that make you happy. Then you could use a different colour pen or different coloured paper to write down all things you could do to make someone else happy, you could even draw pictures to go with these!

Next, you can put all of these ideas into a bucket (if you have one at home) or you could draw a bucket and stick all of your ideas onto the paper too! 

By the end of the activity you should have a bucket of happiness!