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Week beginning: 14.12.20


This week we would like you to have a go at using Technology to create your own Christmas picture. You may want to use an App you have for drawing or you may want to try and use the computer to make your picture.

Here are some examples of how you may want to create your picture:


 Snowman picture  using the notes page on the Ipad,

Christmas tree  using an app called: Kids paint,

Rudolph picture was made using paint on the computer.

I am sure there are many different apps or programmes you have that you could use to create a wonderful Christmas picture.


Week beginning: 7th December


As Christmas is getting nearer we would like you to look at the similarities and differences in the way Christmas is celebrated in other countries. In England we have many traditions such as; decorating our houses with lights and putting up Christmas trees. Some countries such as Germany have large Christmas markets. Look at these website: or or

Talk about the pictures and the information you hear, what traditions are the same? Which traditions are different?

Perhaps you could draw a picture or make a list of some of the similarities and differences.


Week 2 beginning 9th November 2020:


This week we are starting our topic 'People who help us'.


First, can you think of any people who help us? What do they do to help us? Do they wear a Uniform? If so, what does it look like, what colour is it? Do they have a special vehicle?


Then watch and listen to the reading of the book 'Emergency!':

Did you see any of the people that you thought of first of all?


Next, draw/paint/collage a picture of someone who helps us, think carefully about the colours you use.

After this, use various junk modelling materials to make your own Emergency vehicle. There are some ideas below to help you.

Week beginning 2nd November


Have a look at the painting above. I wonder...what can you see? What colours can you spot? What do they think it is a painting of?


The painting is titled 'Starry Night'.

This week we are going to be drawing and cutting out circular shapes then painting them in colours to represent the night and the day. We will be focussing on colour mixing and complimentary colours.


Later in the week, we will be learning about the importance of Remembrance Sunday. We will start by watching  poppies:
Then we will discuss what we saw and what happened? W will be talking about when we first saw the poppies in the film clip?

After, we are going to make some poppies and memorial pictures of our own. Take a look at the examples below that we will be using as a guide.