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Happy Thursday everyone. Let's get ourselves moving and shaking to start our day.



oa ow o oe - Alternative Spellings


Intro: Today we will learn how to recognise and use the suffixes -ed and -ing. Some suffixes have specific uses. For example: Adding -ing can change a noun into a verb, like garden to gardening. Or using the suffix -ed can turn a verb to the past tense, like jump becomes jumped.

Click on the picture below to watch the BBC learn screen about adding -ed or -ing to words.

See below for the next in our series of lessons based on Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish by Michael Foreman.  For further support on writing instructions refer to the Instructions PowerPoint under the English tab on the KS1 Homepage.

Dinosaurs & All that Rubbish Lesson 4

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Year 1 Maths. Today we will be sorting 2-D shapes

Can you describe the shapes? Compare shapes. What is the same? What is different?

Year 2 Maths. Today we will be consolidating our knowledge of multiplication and division.


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Today we are going to be making our very own dinosaur out of a malleable material.

You will be able to manipulate malleable materials by squeezing, pinching, pulling, pressing, rolling, modelling, flattening, poking, squashing and smoothing. Also to be able to press objects into a malleable material to make textures, patterns and imprints.


You can make your dinosaur out of clay, plasticine or even tin foil.



Dinosaur Foil Sculpture

Collective Worship