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For today's lesson you will be writing your story.  To do this successfully you must have your story map that you created yesterday.


Your story should be a creative adventure - with a plausible ending.  You can base it on Shackleton's adventure - but change the type of adventure and journey you go on - or you may have a completely different idea.


You need to think about the sections of your story and the time and length of detail you need to successfully write your whole story.  We have created a checklist of ideas for you to help you along the way. 


Remember to:

  • Use paragraphs to signal changes in person, time or place
  • Use time connectives to show how your story is moving forwards (or backwards) in time
  • Precise vocabulary and phrasing
  • Clear punctuation aim to include : , ; "  " () ... 
  • Good spelling - use what you have learnt so far this year about spelling in your writing


Remember to read your work back aloud regularly as this will help you to identify if it is making sense or if its dragging on too much.  


Most of all ENJOY the writing process.