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L.I. Classify living things, including microorganisms, animals and plants, into groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences.


First task, play a game of Guess Who using this link:

Whilst you are playing, think about the types of questions posed. What answers do they require? How do these sorts of questions help us to quickly identify a character in the game?


Our characteristics allow us to identify each other and makes us, us! We can use the guess who system to create a classification key to identify who's who. We have looked at classification keys before but if you need some reminding, check out the website below. 


Task: Your task is to create a classification key using the staff photographs from the hub webpage or using your family members. Remember to think about simple 'yes, no' answer questions to allow you to identify the people in your classification map. Look at the classification key on mini-beasts to help you!