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Term 5: World faiths

Which stories are special and why?

How do stories help people know how to behave?

Lesson 4: What does the story of David and Goliath teach Jewish people?

The stories contained within the Torah are also found in the Christian Bible that Christians read, such as the story of David and Goliath.

Read the story:

Or listen to the story:

Once you have finished I wonder, what do you think this story teaches?

I think the key message from this story is to trust in God in difficult situations.

Now...have a go at sequencing the story and then add it to the Torah scroll you made last week.

You can also have a go at target practice: but some cones up (pretend they are Goliath) then have a go at knocking them down with balls or bean bags.

Lesson 3:



This is Hannah she is Jewish. Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people.

The symbol for Christians is the cross, the symbol for Judaism is called the star of David.

Christians worship in a Church, Jewish people worship in Synagogues.

The holy book for Christians is called a bible, the holy book for Judaism is called the Torah.


Have a go at making your own Torah and next week we will be adding a story to it.

Lesson 2: Are we all the same?

There are many people in the world who follow different religions or believe different things.

Here are the children of faith. Each of these children have stories that they enjoy listening to. This term we are going to be reading these stories and finding out more about these children, their lives, why these stories are important to them and what they teach them about how to behave.

I wonder can you tell me about one of the children, what is special to them?

Meet the children of faith

Lesson 1:

I wonder...can you think of your favourite story? Tell someone at home why it is your favourite, is it because of a character in the story, or something that happens, does it make you laugh, is it written by your favourite Author?

Can you explain what the word special means?

Some stories are special and these are stories that have a meaning behind it or it could be a story given to you to by someone special or told at a memorable time of year.

People of faith listen to and use stories to help them to learn how they should behave and live.

Listen to the stories below, I wonder why might these stories be special to Christians?

Luke 10: 1-10. Zacchaeus

Jesus Calms the Storm

This story is based on Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25, and Matthew 8:23-27

Term 4:

This term our big question has been: "Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?"


We begun the term by thinking about the shape that is a special symbol for Christians and looked at images of different crosses.

We then read the story of Palm Sunday and then heard about what happened to Jesus at Easter.

I would like you to continue this learning by:

Retelling the story of Easter and by making your own Easter garden.


I wonder.....can you remember what special things does the cross remind Christians about?

Easter garden examples