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Good morning KS1. This week we are learning all about the how we express ourselves. Watch the video below for information about all the fun we have planned for the week.


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Wake Up Shake Up!



Today we are going to learn about adding apostrophes to show something belongs to another. Then we are going to create a poster showing who the world belongs to.  Watch the video to listen to the rest of the story and to see the learning intention for today. Make a note of any questions you may have about the learning for the 11:30am TELLS session on MS Teams.


Choose a warm up by clicking on a picture. Then complete the lesson for your year group.


Year 1 Maths

Today we are going to count numbers up to 50.

Year 2 Maths

Today we are going to be introducing tally charts as a systematic method to record data.


Wider Curriculum

Today we are learning about what happened to the dinosaurs. Extinct means there are no more of a species alive. Some animals alive today are close to extinction because there are not many left - like the blue whale and giant panda. 


There are two main ideas about why dinosaurs became extinct. Watch the video and think about which theory you think is true.

Collective Worship

Click on the candle to view the Collective Worship for today.