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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Good morning!! Well done for a super first day back of home learning, it was great to see all of your fantastic work yesterday.

For today’s wake and shake you need to make sure you listen carefully to the instructions:

Just Dance Kids 2014 The Freeze Game


Our focus in phonics this week is on reading longer words. Watch the letters and sounds video to learn how to do this:

Lesson 32:

The activity I would like you to have a go at today is this:

-Start by writing these words on separate pieces of paper:

for, wood, zig, farm, room, car, bath, pet, yard, land, zag, get, pit, sand.

-Next, have a go at putting two of the words together. Can you read the word, is this the right word? See if you can match two smaller words to make one longer word.



This week we are revisiting some of the letters we have practised before. Warm up by joining in with this movement song (you can use pens/pencils/crayons, or you can use something messy such as shaving foam or shampoo on a tray):

Today’s letter is ‘w’, watch the video that shows you how to write the letter ‘w’:


Maths Live TEAMS session at 10.30am (complete this activity after):

This week in Maths our focus is on comparing the length and height of objects. To be successful in today’s learning you will build on yesterday’s learning and be able to: order items by length/height, use language linked to size, compare the length/height of items, use non-standard units of measure to measure objects.

To recap yesterday’s learning you can play this game:

For today’s activity you are going to measure objects of your choose in your home. You may choose to measure using; coins, pasta, paper clips, cubes, lego or anything else you can think of. First estimate (make a sensible guess), how long you think the object is going to be, then record your estimate. Next measure it using your units of measure, then record. Continue to do this with 5 objects. At the end can you explain what you found out? For example, the longest object was the oven because it was 15 cubes long.

You may also like to try this White Rose Maths activity:

Understanding the world/Expressive arts and design:


Have you ever been to the woods? What things can you see when you go to the woods? Here are some photos I took when visiting the woods at the weekend, what can you see?

Today you have a choose of two activities!

  1. Go for a walk to the woods (or it may be to find trees) you may want to take a camera or paper and a pen with you! When you get there what do you see? What can you hear? What can you smell? Make a list or draw a picture of these things. You may even want to have a go at doing some tree rubbing or make up your own story in the woods!


2. I wonder…do you know any stories that are set in the woods? Perhaps you could draw a picture of the story you know already that is set in the woods, or you could create your own story box.