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RE Curriculum

At Archbishop Courtenay Primary school, we deliver a broad, balanced and carefully planned curriculum that meets the needs of our children, enabling them to flourish.


In all areas of the curriculum, we promote a love of learning, wisdom, hope and dignity within our Christian community and aspire to enable children to discover life in all its fullness which Jesus offers.


We use the Understanding Christianity project to support the teaching of Religious Education. We aim to support pupils to develop their own thinking and understanding of Christianity, the world and their place in the world.



We teach the story of the Bible as a 'Big Story' of salvation. Throughout the course of their learning journey at ABC, our children learn and engage with Bible stories and theological concepts, exploring what these mean for Christians today and reflecting how these relate to children's own understanding.


We ask 'Big Questions' to develop children's spirituality and a sense of awe and wonder in every aspect of their lives. We guide them as they think about the impact and connection that Christianity has on Britain's cultural heritage and the lives of people worldwide.


We provide a safe space in our RE curriculum for pupils to critically reflect on their own religious, spiritual and philosophical convictions, actively teaching respect and tolerance for one other's beliefs.


As you will see from our long-term plans, we teach Christianity for four terms. Two terms are dedicated to teaching an understanding of World Faiths, including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism. We celebrate the wide range of faiths that we find within our school, community and within the wider world.