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Tuesday 25th January

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Hope you enjoyed your day of learning yesterday finding out about Pharoahs!

We have a live lesson at 11am today about using good verbs in our sentences and then story time at 1pm, we will continue the story from yesterday and look at how farming Egyptian people lived. Also there is Nurture group at 2pm.

Let's start the day with a Can't Stop The Feeling to get us in the mood for Tuesday's learning!


Find your group’s work below. Print it out or use a pen and paper to answer.

Year 3

LI Dividing 2 digit by 1 digit



Year 4

LI correspondence problems


Mrs Bourdillon’s Group

LI to make equal groups


Year 3-Suffixes: -less and -ly

This week's words to learn are:

careless, jobless, thoughtless, painless, joyless,

quickly, slowly, roughly ,carefully ,suddenly

Can you use the pyramid, rainbow or shape way to learn how to spell the words?


Year 4- the possessive apostrophe with singular and plural nouns

This week's words to learn are:

dog’s,  dogs’, cow’s, cows’, teacher’s, teachers’ boy’s, boys’, girl’s, girls’

Can you use the pyramid, rainbow or shape way to learn how to spell the words?

How are you going to remember the apostrophe?                          


Today is a new text. Read it aloud to an adult, read it aloud to yourself, read it in your head. Then answer the questions.


Now let’s have a brain break and think about looking after ourselves.

11am Live lesson on TEAMS 

How to use good verbs


LI to use good verbs

Remember the work you did yesterday about finding different verbs and think about what verbs you used instead of said, ate, went - did you use shout, whisper, gobbled, scoffed, skipped, charged?

Write down a more interesting word instead of went in each sentence:


1. Mary………………………………… the post office, hoping she’d be in time

    to get a ticket.

2. Becky……………………………………around the shops after her gran, wishing

    she wasn’t there. 

3. Hayley…………………………………………………to the museum in her new car.


Change the verb said to a more interesting verb each time:


1. “The hills are alive with the sound of music.”…………………………….. Bob.

2. “Get out of my sight, you ungrateful, horrible woman.”…………………….. 


3. “I think we should be quiet; no one else is talking in here.”…………………     



whispered        zoomed        bellowed           rushed              screamed 


                 stomped         shouted            sang                sprinted


Can you write 5 sentences of your own using good verbs?






LI to describe a character’s feelings and emotions



Chapter 20  Hidden

Listen to Mr Hazelby read Chapter 20  and write down 3 powerful verbs you hear.

Discuss with an adult what happened in today's chapter.

From yesterday think about the times that Ryan and Cleo have been together and think how they are feeling towards each other. Today you are going to write these in sentences e.g.

When Ryan and Cleo first meet, Cleo introduces herself as Cleopatra and Ryan thought she was joking so he introduced himself as Tutankhamun.

Suspecting that Ryan was making fun of her the first time she meet him, Cleo decided to take a chance and tell him that they had been looking for the Benben Stone in the wrong place.

Could you start a sentence with a good verb?

1pm LIVE lesson on TEAMS

Story time  

How do Egyptian farmers live?



LI to understand how people follow God

Do you remember the story of Abraham that we have looked at for the last 2 weeks? Can you tell someone about the story and what did Abraham have to give up to follow God? 

Now we are going to look at The Salvation Army and what they do. 

Have you heard about the Salvation Army?



The Salvation Army is a Christian Church and charity, the volunteers often give up something to help and support others.

Could you draw something you could give up and how you could help someone else? 

i.e. I could give up my Saturday afternoons and help by giving out food to the homeless at The Salvation Army hall.

Click on the image to go to The Salvation Army website and find out more information.



It's nearly the end of day.

Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship.

Click the candle for our Collective Worship.

Time for a story to finish our day. Click the image and choose a book to listen to stories such as Mummy Fair and Me, Doctor Who and Danger is Everywhere


Wow! What a good day of learning!

Don’t forget to send any work you’ve done to the class e-mail address where your teacher will be able to put it on the hub page.

Mr Hazelby,  Mrs Bourdillon and  Mrs Irvine smileywinksmiley