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Good Morning! Today our super movers dance is all about our ‘friends and family’.


Now, for our phonics today we are going to continue to focus on diagraphs. Our sound for today is ‘ear’ as in ‘hear’. Here is the letters and sounds video for you to follow.

Lesson 24: ear (hear)



Can you remember what our focus number was yesterday?... It was number 7! Today we are going to look at the number that comes next, after 7- can you guess what it is?

Our lesson objective for maths today is to learn the number 8! Can you count from 1-8? Can you clap 8 times? Can you do 8-star jumps?

First to practise your number 8, can you have a go at writing it in the air using your magic finger- remember ‘make an ‘s’ and do not wait, when it’s joined up you have an 8’.

Next, I would like you to represent the number 8 using objects, can you find 8 things in your home then count them to check you are correct? I wonder how many objects you have if you add one more? What number will you get if you take one away?

Now, your main task for today is to create an ‘8 spider’- have a look at my examples to help you (you could make one big spider or lots of little ones-it’s up to you). Remember that a spider has 8 legs. How many ways can you arrange the spider’s legs to reach a total of 8? Can you record your findings by writing them into a number sentences?


Today in handwriting we will be looking at writing the tricky word ‘the’. Have a go at practising the word and saying it aloud to help you remember the spelling.

Now have a look at this video to help you remember it:


Today, for our PSED lesson we are going to give thanks to the people who are special to us. Have a think about the people you love and what makes them special to you. Perhaps, you might like to make a list. Now, I would like you to make a very special card to say thank you. You can decorate it however you like and write a message inside. Remember to include:

  • To and From
  • Finger spaces
  • Your best, neatest writing
  • Capital Letters for the start of names.