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Week 4 - Anderson Shelter and Air-Raids

Design a leaflet giving advice from the government to someone sheltering during an air-raid. You will need to include information on this presentation and from the text 'What To Do In An Air-raid' (below).


Find the questions for Wednesday's lesson below. The answers are in the document above called 'What to do in a Air-Raid'


Read the text then answer the questions. Refer to the text in your answer. (Think – where in the text is the answer).


  1. In the first paragraph we are told  ‘the British government began to prepare the civilian population for war’. What is meant by ‘the civilian population’? [1 mark]
  2. War was declared on 1st September 1939. List 2 things that the government did to prepare for war before this date. [1 mark]
  3. List 3 changes people had to make when the ‘Blackout’ was enforced. [2 marks]
  4. Look at the image of the poster in the paragraph subtitled ‘Blackout’. Why do you think people were encouraged to wait 15 seconds before moving in the blackout? [2 marks]
  5. Look at the paragraph with the subheading Carry a gas mask. Which word in the first sentence tells us that the government tried to persuade people to carry a gas mask? [1 mark]
  6. Why do you think that Anderson shelters were names after Sir John Anderson? [1 mark]
  7. Some people preferred not to use an Anderson shelter. Why do you think this was? (Refer to the text). [2 marks]
  8. Why did the government try to prevent people from taking shelter in the underground? [2 marks]
  9. Explain why Morrison shelters were less effective forms of protection? [1 mark]
  10. Look at the first heading on page 3. What does communal mean? [1 mark]
  11. Do you think the government was effective in preparing people for air-raids? Explain your answer making reference to the text. [3 marks]

Lesson 3 - Evacuation

Use the powerpoint below to learn all about the evacuation in World War 2. You can use this powerpoint to write a diary entry from the point of view of a evacuee child! 


Due to technical difficulties, Kahoot will not be live - however you have until 6pm to complete the quiz. The winner will be announced in tomorrow's blog! Will it be a Redwing, Heron or Goldfinch?

 Find the quiz using either the link below, or go to and enter the game code! 


Game code: 03573037


Good luck!

Lesson 2 - The Blitz


Read the Powerpoint about the Blitz and watch the clip on BBC Bitesize ( to be able to complete 2 of the 4 activities below.


How can I do this?

Complete the reading comprehension about the Blitz

Find the reading comprehension sheet below. Read and answer the questions.

Read careful and check your answers.

Sketch a scene showing the aftermath of the Blitz.

Use the pictures in the 'History Activities' document below (scroll to the bottom of the document) to inspire your sketch. Think about what the streets, buildings and people might look like.

Recreate being in the Blitz by making an area of your home as dark as possible.

Find a small area of your home and see if you can make it as dark as possible just like in an Air Raid. Think about the resources you have already in your home. Can you use sheets, turn off lights or maybe cardboard to make your area dark?

Remember there weren’t any electrical devices like televisions, iPad, mobile phones or electrical gaming platforms in WW2. How long can you last in your area without any of those gadgets?

Create a job advert for an Air raid warden (or similar job).

Think about the new jobs that were created because of the Blitz. Air Raid Wardens, Ambulance drivers and Fire Fighters are just a few. Can you create a job advert to attract people to a role? What qualities do they need to have? You might have to do some extra research for this! 

Lesson 1 - The causes of WW2

In this lesson you will learn about the causes of WW2 and you will know when it took place.

Download the PowerPoint and ensure you understand each slide before moving on.


I would like you to produce a poster which explains the different factors that led to the start of WW2 - I have posted an example for you but of course please be as creative as you want to.


You must include the following:

When did WW2 start and end?

Who were some of the world leaders involved and what part did they play at the beginning? In particular, who was the Prime Minister of the UK at the start of WW2?

What were some of the ideas that different world leaders had?