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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to have a good rest ready for your last week of home-learning!

Remember you can collect your book bundles today from school from 10-10.15am.

 First of all, let’s begin the day with some wake and shake! Today’s song is called ‘Jump’

Jump! Patty Shukla


For our phonics today, we are exploring something a little bit different. This sound has 3 letters and it’s called a trigraph! Today we are learning ‘air’.

Lesson 21: air (fair)


Have a look at this video called ‘up in the air’


For your Literacy lesson today, your learning objective is to plan an alternative ending. In order to be successful today you should be able to: repeat a familiar story, join in with repeated phrases, pick out ‘noisy words, use your imagination, represent your ideas on a story map.

We are going to base our alternative version around the familiar story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ so let’s have a listen to that first:

When listening to the story I want you to listen out for the ‘noisy words’, here is an example bang, bang, bang!! Can you make a list of the noisy words you hear when listening to the story?

Now, your task for today is to change the story to ‘We’re going on a Dinosaur hunt!’. We are just planning today so you don’t need to write much down, all you need to do is think of a few ideas! So, can you remember all the great things you have learned about dinosaur habitats? You are going to draw out your own story map- have a look at my example for some help.

Next, you need to think of some noisy words to go along with each of your pictures. For example: around my volcano I might write ‘boom, crash!’ Once you have finished, you could have a go at chanting the rhyme as you follow along your story map!


Recap your tricky words by watching the tricky words song again:

This week in handwriting we are continuing to practise writing tricky words. Today our tricky word is ‘he’.

Perhaps after your handwriting practice you can have a go at playing a game of tricky word hangman.


This afternoon we would like you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! We would like you to collect some natural objects to make your own collaged picture of a dinosaur! You can use different coloured leaves, twigs and branches to make your dinosaur. Perhaps you would even like to label your picture to tell us what dinosaur you decided to make- or maybe you would like us to guess! Have a look at the example for some ideas.