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4 Being Challenged

Session 4: Being Challenged


Today we are going to think about how we feel and react when faced with a challenge. To begin with, take 3 plastic bowls, buckets or cups and place them on the ground, one in front of the other. The first should be about 1 metre from you, then next a little further away and the third one, further still. Now take 3 pieces of scrap paper and make 3 paper balls, or if you have them, use 3 small balls (a tennis ball would be ideal).


Practise throwing each ball into each of the cups you have placed on the ground.


Did you manage to get each ball into the bowl or cup first time? I imagine that you missed the target at least once and maybe even every time at first.


How did it feel when you struggled to hit the target?

 What is a challenge? 


When have you felt challenged?


What about during lock down? Can you think of any challenges that you have overcome (or perhaps you haven't yet overcome) over the past few months?



Think about the ball and cup activity that I asked you to do at the start of the session.


What does being resilient mean?

Take a few moments to think about this and share some ideas

with a friend or family member

(if you are completing this with someone).


•Recognising how we feel about a challenge and not running away from  

 feeling uncomfortable or ‘wobbly’


•Not giving up even if you are stuck 


•Showing perseverance and determination


•Keeping positive when you find something hard 


•Trying different ways of doing something



Watch the video: in what ways does the dog show resilience?


Which of the following have you tried when faced with a challenge?

Look at the table below and think about self-talk responses (self talk is the way that we talk to ourselves).




Agree or Disagree?

I can overcome any challenge if I keep trying.