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Pastoral and Wellbeing Support

...nurtured with kindness and compassion...


Tracy Gooding - Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager


Hi, here is a little introduction to me and my role within the school. I am usually out in the reception area in the mornings always feel free to come and chat about anything that you would like more information on or may be having difficulty understanding.




  •  ​​My aim is to help empower parents to take an active role in their child’s social, emotional and educational   development.
  • I can offer support to early intervention services that will make a difference to the whole family or individuals.
  • If you need guidance to make appointments and referrals to outside agencies that have specialised knowledge, or if you need support at meetings in school and with other agencies, please come and talk with me.
  • Most importantly I will offer to listen, be non-judgemental and help parents by offering support and advice if needed.


Other Agencies

If necessary appointments or referrals can be made to the following agencies:

  • Bereavement Services
  • Children’s Centres
  • Counselling/Play Therapy
  • Mediation
  • Parenting Programmes
  • School Nurse
  • Social Services
  • Young Carers

All contacts with any of the above agencies (with the exception, on occasions, of Social Services) are made with total parent involvement.

We can also discuss school issues, concerns or ideas, healthy eating, oral health, friendships and family matters, to name just a few.



I am also responsible for attendance. All pupils should be in school between 8.30 am for Y5 & 6 children and 8.40 am so they are registered and in class ready to learn by 9.00 am.


If your child is ill, the school office should be informed as soon as possible on the first day of absence, please give child’s name, class and reason for absence.

The aim for every child is to achieve at least 97% attendance in an academic year.


An absence of more than 10 days will mean a child will not achieve 95%, if you are having difficulties regarding attendance please come and talk about it and I will help if I can. 



I can only help if I know that you need help. This I appreciate is often difficult, especially making that first move and asking, but make that first step and we can work on making things better together.

Please be reassured all that is said to me is dealt with in confidence and is only shared on a needs to know basis (unless of course someone is at risk of harm).


Sometimes quite often you just need someone to listen and you find your own solutions

I have tissues, my room is private and I appreciate on occasions emotions can run high.  Please don’t worry about this; I am used to parents with many frustrations that can lead to tears. I have children and grandchildren – none of them came with a handbook!  We would prefer to ‘nip a problem in the bud’ than let it escalate. However, bigger problems can also be solved when we put our heads and resources together.


Contact information


I am in school Monday – Friday generally between the hours of 8.00 am and 4.00 pm.


If you cannot find me, just use one of the options below or speak with the office staff who will be able to find me or give me a message.


Phone: 01622 754666, Option 4.


Mobile 07715216708 (switched on during office hours only)




Stacey Barnes - Nurture Assistant


We are very pleased and privileged to have Mrs Barnes our Nurture Assistant in school full time. Mrs Barnes supports children with their feelings, emotions, and friendships and helps children struggling within the classroom.


Mrs Barnes supports the School Council and Wellbeing Warriors ensuring their ideas and information is distributed around the school.  She is responsible for putting the WOW figures each week into the county run system provided by the KM Charity Team which encourages good choices for good physical and mental health as well as looking after our environment.   


As well as being around for the children Mrs Barnes also supports Mrs Gooding (Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager) and Mrs Donnay (SENCO) making a welcome addition to the School Inclusion Team.


Since taking this role Mrs Barnes has undertaken many courses to add to her already wealthy knowledge in this field providing an amazing service for pupils who have very quickly learnt that her room is a special place of quiet and calm whilst providing activities that will help promote confidence and raise self-esteem.