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Lesson 2

Session 2: Important events and what I've learned from them

In this lesson you will:

  • Reflect on your memories of your time at ABC from YR to Y6
  • Reflect on how much you have learned during this time
  • Think about advice that might have helped you





In Session 1, you wrote in detail about your first year at ABC. Today's lesson will cover the period from YR all the way to Y6. In your jotter, or on a scrap piece of paper, write YR, Y1, Y2 and so on to Y6 as a list. Next to each year, try to remember which class you were in, who your teachers were and any topics you may have covered. For example, you might put for Y4: Redwings, Mr Cripps, the Romans, the water cycle and column multiplication. Sports Day and watching Mr Newman beat Mr Cripps in the teachers' running race.


Think about your learning: when you started school in YR, you may not have been able to write your name or count to 20. Now you can write pages of beautifully written work, include difficult grammar rules and spell tricky words. You used to count out tiny teddies to help you to add and now you use long multiplication, draw bar models and calculate with fractions - what an incredible learning journey! You are amazing!


I wonder what advice you would give the younger you. Perhaps you would say, Don't worry about fractions. They seem difficult at first but the trick is to work on one question at a time and not worry about what other people are doing. If your teacher ever suggests doing 'cakey fractions', always say 'Yes!'  You might find you get to eat cake and learn at the same time. It's always a good idea to ask for help and don't ever worry about making mistakes. In fact, I have found that my biggest mistakes have turned into my greatest and proudest learning moments in class.


Look at the bullet points at the top of the page and write a page or two about your time at ABC, share some of your learning successes and reflect on the advice that you would like to share, from your own experience. Remember, you are sharing your seven years of experience with a four-year-old child about to start school. 


When you have finished, check for punctuation, grammar and spelling. Ask yourself, am I writing at a Year 6 standard?