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Thursday 4th March 2021


Wake and shake:

A Pirate You Shall Be


Today’s phonics lesson is another review of the phase 3 letters, sounds and words you have already learned.

Lesson 39:

You could also have a go at this activity:

You could either print this picture and label it, or you could write the labels for the picture on a separate piece of paper.

Or perhaps you could draw a picture of your choice and use your phonics to write labels for the things you have drawn.


Today for handwriting you are going to have a go at writing the curly caterpillar letters; c, a, o, d, e.

Have a look at the letter formation cards to help you with the correct way to write them, they are called curly caterpillar letters because they all start with a curly ‘c’ being written.

Character description

Listen to my clues and see if you can guess which character from a traditional tale I am describing!

After can you create a picture/painting/collage or even a model of this character!

Join me for story time at 3pm to see if you were right!

Recording #19.mp4

Still image for this video

World Book Day

Today is world book day! I wonder do you have a favourite book? For today’s home learning you can choose some of the activities from the document below to complete.

We cannot wait to see which ones you choose!