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Happy Thursday

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Welcome to Tuesday and week 4! Miss Flisher is teaching live this week and so Mr B and Miss Copley will be on hand to answer any questions you may have if you are working remotely. We hope you have a fabulous week!


Morning wake up - 15 minutes

9am Joe Wicks Workout or Daily Mile Challenge! Click the images below.



LIVE Lesson - Miss Flisher - Maths - 9:10am


Maths - 50 minutes

This week's maths is focused on number and rounding... remember the rhyme and you'll be fine (hey that rhymed!)! Find the link to the maths below. Pick the level that suits you and then click the picture-link to be taken to today's work.  


Bronze – Round to the nearest 100 

Silver – Round numbers within 100,000
Gold – Round any number



Spelling - 15 minutes

This week, we are looking at the -ible rule in spellings. Go the spelling page by clicking the image below and then pick either bronze, silver or gold words. Your activity today is on the same page.



LIVE Lesson - Miss Flisher - English - 11:00am


English - 50 minutes

This week, we will be focusing on the part of 'Shackleton's Journey' where the crew need to make camp on the ice because their boat 'The Endurance' has been crushed under the ice. Firstly, click the picture-link of the book below and read PDF pages 22-24 or book pages 35-39. Each day, you will write a short diary entry from one of the four crew mates described on these pages. Using the details you receive and a little bit of your own imagination! We will also have a SPAG focus each day (main clauses, subordinate clauses, compound sentences and complex sentences) that will be covered in our live lesson so make sure you join us or catch up on the recording. On the final day, we will be writing haikus! Click the picture-link below for today's resources and don't forget to tune in to the live lesson at 11am!




There will be a pre-recorded video of Miss Copley reading the book which you will be able to find on TEAMS tomorrow. The picture-link is below!



Reading Skills - 30 minutes

Make sure you've re-read the 'Explorers' text before diving in to today's Reading Skills lesson. Today, you will be summarising key information in non-fiction texts. Feel free to choose either bronze, silver or gold! Head to today's lesson by clicking the picture-link below.



Art - 40 minutes

In art today, we will be creating 3-D Inuit soapstone sculptures! Sounds amazing right? Head over to today's art lesson and instructions to find out how and we cannot wait to see the incredible models you produce! 



LIVE Lesson - Mrs Martin and Mrs Ingram - Nurture Group - 2:30pm