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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Wednesday 24th February 2021

Good morning!!

Today for wake and shake you are going to work out with Andy:

Andy's Wild Workouts


Our focus in phonics this week is on reading longer words. Watch the letters and sounds video to learn how to do this:

Lesson 33:

For today’s follow up activity you will need a drum, or something you can tap to make a noise. Listen to the story of ‘Tanka, Tanka Skunk’ being read, and have a go at joining in with tapping out the syllables in each word:

Tanka Tanka Skunk Children's Book


This week we are revisiting some of the letters we have practised before. Warm up by joining in with this mark making activity to the wheels on the bus (you can use pens/pencils/crayons, or you can use something messy such as shaving foam or shampoo on a tray):

Today’s letter is ‘n’. Have a practise at writing both the lowercase and capital letter ‘n’. If you would like to continue your handwriting with ‘n’, maybe you would like to try one of these letter ‘n’ crafts.

Literacy Live TEAMS session at 10.30am (complete this activity after):

This week in Literacy our learning intention is: to sort characters from fairy-tales. To be successful in today’s learning you will be able to: sort characters, and use vocabulary from books.

There are a couple of ways you can complete today’s activity.

  1. You can look through fairy-tale books you have at home, have a go at naming the characters and deciding if they are good or bad. Perhaps you could make a list of them.
  2. Print the characters and sort them.
  3. Draw your own characters and sort them.
  4. Write the names of the characters you know from stories.

To finish today’s learning, you may like to choose one of the characters, can you pretend to be the character? Think carefully about what they say, do and how they behave

Physical Development

This term in P.E we will be focusing on developing our ball skills.

Watch the videos for P.E today (either on Tapestry or they have been uploaded to TEAMS). Join in with the warm up, if you would like to continue with the warm up here are the activity cards.

Today we are exploring rolling a ball. These are the 3 activities that you are going to do to explore rolling the ball (watch the videos for demonstrations on how to do this):
-Rolling ball around your feet.

-Rolling the ball on the floor whilst moving

-Travel through gates whilst rolling the ball.

Warm-up cards