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Long-term Plan and Progression

At Archbishop Courtenay, our MFL curriculum offers children the tools they need to learn French, many of which are transferable to other languages. Below explains the structure, expected learning outcomes and the detail of the content covered throughout our curriculum.


LSK2 – Cycle A

In Year 3, pupils explore the basics of their new target language. There are six units covering a variety of topics, such as greetings, food and drink, hobbies, and family. Whilst users are introduced to a range of new vocabulary, they are also encouraged to formulate simple phrases and sentences to further develop their knowledge and use of the language. Grammar points are included throughout and in this first level, learners will become familiar with concepts such as masculine and feminine nouns (in the languages where this occurs), negatives, and various verb conjugations.


LSK2 - Cycle B

In Year 4, pupils will continue to find out more about how French works and will discover more useful vocabulary from areas such as jobs and professions, going on holiday, and healthy lifestyles. Again, sentence building will form an integral part of users’ learning as they encounter new phrases and start to link them together. Other grammar points include the introduction of reflexive verbs and demonstrative pronouns, as well as comparatives and superlatives. By the end of this level, learners will be able to tell the time, talk about their morning routine and discuss weather and holidays.


 UKS2 – Cycle A

In Year 5, we target language capacity by introducing question words and phrases and possessive pronouns, amongst other grammar points. Again, an interesting array of topics such as food and cooking, music and sounds, around the house, and travel all present key vocabulary. In addition, learners can familiarise themselves with the construction of longer phrases and sentences through the use of connectives and by the end of the unit will be in a position to comfortably discuss the topics offered here alongside those from previous levels.


UKS2 – Cycle B

Our Year 6 MFL curriculum provides a wider range of adjectives, prepositions, and a glimpse into using the past tense. A more advanced range of topics is also offered, including technology, the environment, and healthcare. By the end of this level, learners will be able to draw upon a wide range of target language vocabulary and understand a number of key grammar features. By combining these into more complex sentences and developing the ability to talk about topic areas in more detail, they will be able to interact confidently in their chosen language.