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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Good morning!


Let's get started with a wake up shake up!





We'd like you to spend 5 minutes practicing the correct formation of the letter 'd'



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Re-read the poem, ask someone to read it to you, or maybe if you recorded your performance yesterday you can play it over again.

Think about how the wet weather described makes you feel. Why does it make you feel this way? Or does it make you feel a different way?

What do you like to do when it’s wet? Do like to be indoors or out playing in the rain? Why?

Use your imagination to picture yourself doing what you would most enjoy in wet weather.

Perhaps you are outside, splashing in puddles in wellies? Or maybe you are inside, drinking hot chocolate and staying dry?

TASK: Take some paper and a pencil and draw out what you imagine you would like to do when it’s wet. If you don’t have paper to hand, you could use the back of an old letter or a back of an old cereal packet. If you have some coloured pencils or crayons, think about what colours you could use to help show the feelings you feel in the picture. 

Will you use dark and dull colours like Shirley Hughes or brighter, lighter ones?

Year 1 Maths

Today we are arranging objects to help compare them using the <, > and = symbols.


Warm up

Year 1 - Compare objects to 50

Year 2 Maths

Today we are continuing our 'Statistics' topic. We are going to be drawing pictograms using multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Use the teaching slides below to help you.

Warm up

Year 2 - Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10)

Wider Curriculum

Today we are going to be investigating fossils to form ideas about the animals and plants that may have formed the fossils.


We are finishing our term with a virtual school trip to the Museum of Liverpool. Click on the picture to go to the 360 virtual tour of the museum. How many dinosaurs can you see in the museum?


Next, look at the dinosaur fossils and draw a picture of what you think each dinosaur looked like when it was alive.