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Today you will be writing your full monologue as The Endurance! You can upload this in the 'assignments' tab in Teams when you are complete.


I've included a checklist below of what you need to include in your writing so that you can refer back to it and some of examples throughout the week that you can magpie from. Also, you will need your time lines that you created this week and the start of your monologue that you wrote on Wednesday. Make sure you go back to any videos or powerpoints/word documents that you found helpful on previous days too.



1) written in the first person as though you are the ship

2) written in the present tense as though the events are happening live (now)

3) using descriptive language like similes and metaphors

4) asking rhetorical questions

5) exploring your feelings

6) using repetition




The freezing ocean batters my rudder as we race to the Antarctic ice. I have never been so cold. The ice pierces my wooden skin nevertheless I race on, determined to reach our destination. The tiny humans are scuttling around like ants, screaming instructions which I do not understand. All I know is, we are running out of time; we must arrive before the storm approaches.

The Atlantic stretches on before me, a vast open space of endless possibilities. As sharp as a knife, my keel cuts through the waves: unstoppable. Patiently, I wait for the men above to bellow ‘Land ahoy!’ It must happen soon- we’ve been sailing for days on end. On and on we go. It seems to never end (the cold and frosty wind still bites my sails).

Then finally it happens. ‘I see land! There it is boys!’ shouts the man at my figurehead. Ernest, I think I’ve heard the others call him. Relief rushes through my planks as I recognise that the race is nearly over. We are nearly there; just a few minutes more of this agonising pain!

CRASH- a loud rumble fills the ears of my ship. Suddenly, I am stopped dead. Oh no! I am stuck! I simply cannot go any further. The ice has captured my already cold keel and rudder. Desperately, I wriggle, trying to set myself free but it is no good- I cannot move. As the men on board realise, they disembark, digging and scraping at my base. They are unsuccessful; we are all stuck here. What are we going to do now?



 Thick boots stamped across my deck, waving and cheering their miniature heads off. What was all this kerfuffle about? Where are we going? My keel pushes through the waves with legitimate ease and I can roughly make out the thousands of humans all lined up, waving me out of the harbour.

 I proudly puff out my hull and sway, desperately trying to knock Frank Hurley into the icy ocean. He's jumping up and down on my jib boom, frantically trying to get the attention of some pretty ladies. Much to the fury of his wife! Anyway, I'm no longer ‘The Polaris’, as my creator Christian Jacobson originally named me (oh, if he could see me now!). I'm ‘The Endurance’, can you believe it? As the chilly ocean starts to drench more and more of me, I hear the crowd's cheer slowly fade away into the distance and oh thank heavens! Frank Hurley has finally stopped jumping; I was beginning to feel sick (and that's coming from someone who spends her days on the choppy ocean). As I hear the twenty-seven miniature ants bedding down, I settle down into the motion of the waves and I gently drift off to sleep.