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Happy Friday Everyone!

Well done for completing your third week of home-learning!

Let’s start the day as we always do by completing our Wake and Shake! Today we are dancing… to The Gummy Bear Song



You have all done fantastically with the vowel diagraph sounds this week, now is your chance to practise everything you have learnt with a review of the week.


Have a look at the Letters and sounds task here:


After working so hard with your phonics this week it is time for you to relax and watch this Alphablocks episode that shows the vowel diagraphs we have learnt!





Your handwriting focus for today is to write the letter ‘r’. This letter looks a little bit like a robot with his arm out. Before you start practising the letter ‘r’, you might like to have a go at one of these fine motor activities.




Today in our RE lesson we are going to continue to listen to New Testament stories. Today we are looking at The Parable of the Lost Sheep.


Watch this video to find out what happens:



Have you ever been lost? How did it feel? What happened when you were found? How did you feel then?


Christians believe Jesus told stories called parables to teach people more about God.  Sometimes the bit about God is hidden in the story.  The parables help Christians think hard about the story and about God.

Remember the ‘lost’ feelings we thought about a moment ago.


Christians believe that those feelings can come when they feel ‘lost’ from God. It’s a bit like people being the sheep and God being like the shepherd who looks after them. Jesus was teaching the people.


To develop your understanding of the Parable you can complete one of these activities.


  1. Play hide and seek to represent the sheep being lost and the Shepherd finding them.
Create your own sheep creation to remind you of the Parable. Have a look at the example below.

Alternative to RE


Make your own friendship rainbow like the example below. Choose someone important to you and write down why they are special to you on each of the strands. You could even choose yourself!



Today in our music lesson our objective is to explore loud and quiet sounds.


First, have a listen to the ‘quiet/loud song’.


Next, have a go at this ‘Guess the sounds’ game.


Now, can you go and find some things that make loud noises such as an alarm clock or a whistle. Then, can you find some quiet things such as book pages turning. Sort these items into two piles and title them ‘Loud and Quiet’.

You could also have a go at the sorting snacks activity shown in the picture attached to explore loud and quiet sounds.