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Wednesday 10th February 2021

Welcome to Wednesday! Today we are putting events in the right order for our diary writing at the end of the week! Which important events should come first, second, third?  How do we connect these together into sentences? Find out below! We're also going to draw/paint like Picasso our artist in focus this week and there's a word search for this week's spellings to complete!

But first, put on your cowboy boots and wide brimmed hat and let's get moving at the achy breaky saloon!



Find your group’s work below. Print it out or use a pen and paper to answer.

YEAR 3 - Give change

YEAR 4 - Making shapes

Watch the video before answering the questions.

Mrs Bourdillon's Group - Count vertices on 2D shapes

Watch the presentation before answering the questions


Year 3: Find this week's spellings in the word search!

When you've found them, write them out using sentences to show their meaning!

Year 4: Find this week's spellings in the word search!

When you've found them, write them out using sentences to show their meaning!

Reading Skills

Re-read the story about Agnes from yesterday aloud to an adult, read it aloud to yourself and then read it in your head.


Now answer the questions using the text !

Now let's take a brain break with our super movers 7 times tables! Click the image and get ready to recite and move!


Copy the sentences and put the correct time connective in each sentence so that it makes sense. Use these time connectives to help you:


Click the link to go to the Time Connectives presentation from the Live lesson:




The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss

Listen to chapters 38 and 39. What emotions do Ryan and Cleo feel? Can you write down 3 powerful adjectives that you hear?



L.I: To write in chronological order

Chronological order means that events are put in order using times.

Think about some events from the Phoenix Code  – can we write them in chronological order using our own time connective or adverbial to start sentences?

Use these time connectives to help you:

Early on in the story, Later that day,  A few days after that, Next, Then, Finally

Use events from the story and put them in time order using these connectives and adverbials.




Click the image below and get pencils, crayons or paint to follow the instructions and produce a picture like Picasso!

Make a few sketches, trying out through practice to improve your work!


Now ,near the end of our day, let's take some time to reflect quietly and deeply in our worship by clicking the candle and thinking about the readings and questions in our worship presentation today.




Well done on a great day's work! Don't forget to send in any work you have done through TEAMS so we can share the wonderful learning you've done! Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow!