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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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World Book Day Photos

If you have any pictures of yourself from World Book Day completing any the the activities then please email them to:



Happy Friday!


Happy Friday everyone. Today is you last day of online learning as we will all be returning to school tomorrow! How exciting yet scary. If you have any concerns, questions or worries, don't be afraid to drop us an email. Here is your final day of work. 


Morning wake up - 15 minutes

Get the day started with either Joe Wicks Live lesson or a nice Daily mile with your family. Check out the daily mile challenges by clicking the image. 



Maths - 50 minutes

It's arithmetic day today. I have assigned arithmetic quizzes on TEAMS. Pick your level, bronze, silver or gold, and give it your best shot! Have a look on your assignments tabs on the left hand side of your page to find the quiz. You can also find the arithmetic tests using the link below!




Spelling - 15 minutes

It's Friday which means it's spelling test day. Get an adult or sibling to help test you on your spellings this week and see how many you get right! Can you get them all?



English - 50 minutes

It is the last lesson on Twelfth Night and the last lesson working on your playscripts. On TEAMS I have seen some fantastic collaborations and I can't wait to see the final product. Find today's task by clicking the link below. 



Reading For Pleasure

Miss Flisher is reading a new book this term called 'I know what you did last Wednesday'. You can listen to the whole book by clicking the link below. 


Reading Skills - 30 minutes

We will continue looking at 'Bill's New Frock' with a focus on chapter 2 and 3! Click the link below for the text and the task.

Reading Skills


PE - 50 minutes

Unfortunately Miss Flisher hasn't recorded a video this week as it has been madness getting things prepared for next week. So visit our Youtube channel and pick a previous video you can complete. We will continue our Gymnastic lessons next week when we can all be together!


  LIVE Lesson - Mrs Martin and Mrs Ingram - Nurture Group - 2:30pm