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Monday 1st February 2021

Good morning everyone, welcome to week 5.  I cannot believe we are in February already!  This week is Mental Health week.  We will be doing activities on our live lessons in the afternoon to think about our mental health and help us all feel a little bit better.

This week, we will also be looking at the Egyptian religion and their gods and goddesses.  We are also writing a story based in Ancient Egypt using everything you have learned. Don’t forget to email your work to your teachers! 

We have Live lessons Monday to Thursday at 11am and a PSHE live Lesson at 1pm.  Don’t forget we also set assignments on Teams, so have a look and see what you can do!

Lets start the day with some physical exercise; Click the image and get moving!




Find your group’s work below. Print it out or use a pen and paper to answer.

Year 3:  

Count money (pence)


Year 4:

Perimeter on a grid


Mrs Bourdillon’s Group :

Make Tally Charts


Spelling :  



These are your spelling for this week;

Accident, believe, certain, describe, eight,

February, heard, island, notice, probably

They come from the year 3/4 spelling list.  Write them out in your neatest handwriting and look up the meanings in your home dictionary or using the online one below.



These are your spellings for this week;

scene, seen, mail, male, bawl, ball, leek, leak, flour, flower

These are Homophones, words which sound the same but have different meanings. Write them out in your neatest handwriting and look up the meanings in your home dictionary or using the online one below.


Online Dictionary





SPAG: Fronted adverbials  click on the link to learn about fronted adverbials.


Can you write three sentences that start with a fronted adverbial?


Reading Skills

Read the following text a few times to an adult then answer the questions that follow it.


Now let’s have a brain break and work on our English spelling

LIVE LEARNING 11am – The Egyptian Religion!



The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss

Today we’re listening to chapter 26 of the Phoenix code told by   Mrs Irvine


This week we are going to write a story.  But before we start, have a look at the endings of the chapters below, how do they end?


They all end on what is called a cliff-hanger, where a story or a situation  is exciting because its  or result is uncertain until it happens.  Think about the following questions and write down your ideas and thoughts.


Why do you think the author uses cliff-hangers? What effect does it have on the reader?

Think about other cliff-hangers you know and write about one – what was the cliff-hanger? How long did you have to wait for the result? What happened? How did it make you feel?

1PM Live PSHE Lesson: Mental health week – the Express Yourself choice board


Wider Curriculum:

L.I To understand about the Egyptian religion.


Have a look at this powerpoint about the Egyptian Gods


Choose one of the gods or goddesses and make a poster about them.  Include a picture and some important facts.  Don't forget you only need to include one or two facts about them, not all of them as posters do not need to have to much information on them.  Make it bright, bold and colourful and most of all fun!

Nearly the end of day. Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship. Click the candle.



Time for a story to finish our day. Click the image and choose one to read.


Congratulations, we have finished another Monday!  Only one more until half term!


Don’t forget to send your work to the class e-mail address where your teacher will be able to put it on the class pages!

Mr Hazelby  Mrs Bourdillon  Mrs Irvine