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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Thursday 25th February 2021

Hello and welcome to Thursday’s home learning.

Let’s start with some wake and shake, today you are going to follow the leader:

Follow The Leader



Our focus in phonics this week is on reading longer words. Watch the letters and sounds video to learn how to do this:

Lesson 34:

To follow up today you can try one of these activities:

Visit phonics play and play ‘make a match’:

Visit phonics bloom and play making words:


Let’s warm up for handwriting by having a go at some dough disco:


Today’s letter for handwriting is ‘m’. Have a practise at writing the letter ‘m’. You may like to try one of these activities:

-Using a pencil, end of a paint brush or anything else you may have to write ‘m’ in playdough.

-Write ‘m’ on the playdough using a pen and then follow the lines using a small toy.

-Paint bag writing.

Literacy Live TEAMS session at 10.30am (complete this activity after):

Today’s learning intention is to write about a character from a fairy-tale story. To be successful today you will be able to: identify a character, decide if the character is good or bad, segment the sounds to write words, and attempt to write a short sentence.

For today’s activity I would like you to draw/paint or even collage a picture of your favourite character and write their name. Perhaps then you may like to label your picture with some words (see the example).

Next I would like you to write a sentence about the character you have chosen, here are some sentence starters you may like to use:

My character is………..

My character is from the story of…………..

My character is good/bad because……..


Our focus for music this week is on high-pitched and low-pitched sounds.

Start by watching this:  and joining in!! What different sounds can you make with your voice? Can you make some high/low pitched noises?


Next watch the videos and join in with the activities (on Tapestry).