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Lesson 4 - USA and Japan: Pearl Harbour

Work through the short powerpoint to explore the locations of the two countries. Then complete the reading comprehension on Pearl Harbour to understand what happened and why. There are three levels of difficulty so pick the most appropriate one for you. If your not sure, start on the 2 stars and move to 1 star if its too difficult or 3 stars if its too easy. 

Lesson 3 - Germany in WW2

Look at and read the powerpoint below and create a diary entry based on the point of view of a child in World War 2 Germany. Think about what they might feel about the situation and include some of the information from the powerpoint. See the last page of the powerpoint for the full task. 

I would love to see them so send them to

Lesson 2 - The Allies and the Axis

Work through the powerpoint, making notes contain key information. 

Watch the video at the end of the powerpoint again making notes as you watch. 

Once you have completed your notes, rewrite them into paragraphs in your own words. You can have a paragraph talking about the war, a paragraph about the allies and a paragraph about the axis. 

Once you have finished your writing you can also complete the colouring of the map of Europe highlighting the Allies and Axis. 


Lesson 1 - The Roles of Women in WW2

Work through the powerpoint below and complete one of the tasks:


Design your own propaganda poster for a woman's wartime job (see Powerpoint for details)


Complete the table to describe how and why the role of women differed before, during and after World War 2