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Polling Day Virtual Lessons


With help from a grown up, find a range of different soap products, such as washing up liquid, soap flakes, bubble bath, hand wash, a bar of soap, and non-bio washing powder from around your home.


Make sure the soap products are safe to touch or use rubber gloves.

Do not put any products in your mouth.




Discuss the following questions to make predictions about each product

Which product will create the longest lasting bubbles?

Which product will create the biggest bubbles?

Which product will create the smallest bubbles?

Which product will create the foamiest bubbles?


Finally, use whisks, straws, potato mashers and sponges to create bubbles. Find out which creates the longest lasting, biggest, smallest and foamiest bubbles.


I wonder... who can make the biggest bubble?


Wake and shake time. Clap It Out

Year 1 Phonics

Year 2 Challenge words

Place your spelling words in order alphabetically.

If you have more than one word starting with the same letter then you need to look at the next letter. 

‘apple’ comes before ‘cucumber’ because a comes before c.

‘apple’ comes after ’alphabet’ because the 2nd letter p comes after the second letter l


Word list:

after            eye            only          again            fast            parents      any            father            pass         bath            find            past        beautiful            floor            path      because            gold            people


Use the questions we wrote yesterday to create your own news interview. Act in role as a reporter or the Egg Box Dragon to ask or answer questions. You may work with a grown up, a sibling or a friend to create your news interview.


Where do you live?


How do you find everything so easily?


How do you breathe fire?


Where did you come from?


How do you roar so loudly?


What do you eat?


How do you fly?

Year 1 Maths

Today the children will be exploring making equal groups. This will be a practical lesson using a variety of objects around the house or in their toy box. Select an amount of objects, can you put them into 2, 5 or 10 equal groups? 

Year 1 Making equal groups - grouping activity


Year 2 Make equal groups - grouping (recap)

PSHE - A crumpled heart


This week we have been learning about how we stay safe. One very important way to help those around us feel safe is to use kind words. 


Cut a heart shape using a piece of paper. In our Teams meeting we will be thinking of words that could crumple a heart. For each unkind word, make a fold in your paper. At the end, say sorry to the heart and try to flatten it back out. Does the heart look the same as before?