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Thank you for sharing photos of the fantastic home learning you have been doing. Well done everyone, keep it up!


Yesterday the children were asked to write a 'what am I?' riddle for their home learning. Here is Erin's....can you guess what it is?

Wow, look at Erin's fabulous home made bird feeders. Erin listened and followed instructions given to her very well to make them. She has now hung them in her garden to see which birds visit her.

Yagaanah has been so busy practising her phonics at home. She has been writing words and drawing pictures to match and she has even been writing sentences on her own!! Fantastic work.

Riley has been busy on Mathletics at home! He also drew his own pirate map, I wonder if anyone found the treasure!!

Fabian has been busy making his own fruit and vegetables out of playdough and has written his own labels for them, well done!!

I have had some wonderful wildlife posters sent to me from Fabian, Leanna, Erin and Riley!

Riley loves minibeasts, and has been busy designing his own garden and he decided it could be used as a home for ants. Super work Riley, I love all the natural materials and bright colours.

Meghna has been very creative and made a ladybird using the instructions from Maidstone Museum. I love it! Meghna has also been practising the days of the week and using today, tomorrow and yesterday. She has also been learning about the things plants need to grow. Super work Meghna!

Nolan has been very busy practising his pencil control and working on adding! Well done!!

Orest has been busy practising his pencil control at home! Well done!

Riley has been so busy with his home learning this week and has been getting very creative. Riley made a fabulous plant using different media and materials and then he labelled the different parts. He has been learning about the things plants need to help them grow and even made a poster to tell others to pick up their rubbish. Last but not least...he has been learning the days of the week. Well done Riley, great work!

Last week Erin learned about the parts of a plant, this week Erin was set the challenge of seeing if she could remember the different parts of a plant and the things plants need to grow...She showed her great listening and understanding skills as she was able to remember them! What a fantastic, detailed drawing of a plant! Well done Erin, this is super!

Nolan has been busy exploring our topic of 'In the Garden' and has been learning about minibeasts! Nolan made a house for ants; he collected 16 ants and put some rocks, grass and some food in their home for them. He has been looking after them very well, well done Nolan!

Orest has been learning the days of the week. He has been learning a song about the days of the week too. Well done!

Leanna has made this beautiful poster about a dog! It is an information poster and tells you the likes and dislikes of the dog. Well done Leanna, this is great!

Riley has been making a poster about cats! He has also written a shopping list. Great writing Riley, well done!!!

Riley has been busy making binoculars, well done for using all the skills and techniques needed to join these together. He then drew a picture and wrote a label for the wildlife he spotted in the garden.

Erin has been busy making her own pair of binoculars, they are fantastic. Well done! She then used these to look for wildlife in her garden, Erin then looked in a book to find the name and some more information about the type of bird she has nesting on her roof.

Yagaanah has been busy practising numbers 1 to 20 and writing her name. Well done!!

Erin has been using her phonics knowledge to help her write a shopping list with different fruits and vegetables on. Well done for remembering and using the digraphs we have been learning!!

Meghna has been practising ordering numbers 1 to 20, her mum sent me a photo of how they have been doing this, isn't it just wonderful and so creative. Thank you for sharing.

Fabian has created a beautiful picture of a garden, made some sheep using different materials, has been practising his numbers, made his own binoculars and even a poster about his pet fish! WOW Fabian, you have been been so busy, well done!

Orest has also been very busy at home naming and ordering numbers 1 to 20! Great work, well done!

Riley has sent me some more photos of his fabulous home learning. I love the Easter basket! Well done Riley.

Erin has been busy learning about our new topic 'In The Garden'. Erin watched a video about plants then labelled the parts of a plant, and then she learned about how a plant grows. Erin and her brother have also been busy baing some delicious looking leaf and flower biscuits. Well done!

Wow, look how busy Riley has been with his home learning pack. Well done!

Orest has been very busy practising numbers 1 to 20 and with his reading! Great work Orest, well done!

Miss Sutherland asked the children to go on a 'treasure hunt' they had to find something: soft, blue, round, starting with 's', living, small, you can wear, and that you can eat. Riley managed to find them all and he then wrote a list of all the objects he found. Well done Riley great work!!

Fabian has sent me some photos of his learning at home, he has been learning about money and look at this lovely shop he has set up at home with some super writing using his phonics. Well done Fabian, great home learning.

Look at Erin's fabulous home learning about money. Erin did some coin rubbing and Erin's mum had a fantastic idea to help Erin learn about money: they have set up their very own snack shop, with a price list for the snacks and Erin has to use real money to pay for the snacks, she has to think very carefully because she gets £1 per day for snacks. Thank you for sharing this great idea.

Wow! Lots of fabulous home learning by Meghna, well done!!

Wow! Orest has sent me some photos of all the fantastic home learning he has been doing. Well done!

Wow, Ruby has been very busy this weekend making banana bread and some pastry swirls. I think they look delicious!

Erin's fabulous art work using natural objects....can you guess the animals she has made? Thank-you for sharing these with us Erin.

I know how much you all love the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen, so here are some activities I tried linked to this story, for your home learning perhaps you could have a go at some too.


Remember you can listen to the story being performed by the author here:

Last week in maths we were learning about taking away, remember when we take away the numbers get smaller and the symbol for taking away is -

Can you think of any other words for taking away?

I also found this game online, can you fill in the missing numbers remember you can use any objects at home to help you with your taking away. Eades

Don't forget it is important to stay healthy and safe. Check out Firefighter fit kids for some activities....