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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good morning everyone, welcome to the middle of the week.  We have also got a live lessons on pronouns at 11am and story time at 1pm.  Look forward to seeing you there!


Lets start the day with some patterns; Click the image and get moving!

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle


Find your group’s work below. Print it out or use a pen and paper to answer.

Year 3:  

Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Today we are going to look at some different problems for multiplication and some reasoning.  Here is a recap of the video for multiplication:

Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (1)

Year 4:

Dividing 2 digits by 1 digit



Mrs Bourdillon’s Group :

Make equal Groups - sharing

Spelling :  


Here are your words for this week:

chef sure machine moustache parachute brochure

mission discussion pressure tissue


Rearrange these letters to spell one of the words form this weeks list:

p r s e u r s e

c n m I a e h

I s u e t s

a c p u e r h t a


Work out the words from the meanings:

Someone who cooks food in a restaurant   __  __  __  __

Hair on someone’s upper lip  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

People talking to each other about a subject  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Look up meanings of the other words – are there any you didn’t know?




Here are your words for this week:

Mixture, moisture, adventure, nature, capture, picture, feature, vulture, nurture, future

Rearrange these letters to spell one of the words form this weeks list:


d e e a u v r t n

u f r t e u

r a e u n t

i m r s u e o t


Work out the words from the meanings:

A drawing for example      __  __  __  __ __ __ __

A bird which has a bald head and big beak     __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Things that have not happened yet   __ __ __ __ __ __

Look up meanings of the other words – are there any you didn’t know?





SPAG: finding the meaning of words we are unsure of.


Mrs Bourdillon will be doing a live lesson on this at 11am on Teams,  Follow this link to join at 11am.


If we don’t know the meaning of words, there are several ways to find out the meanings.

One way is to use a dictionary.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one at home, you can use an online one, but if you do, practice finding words.  You’ll need to know your alphabet!




Reading Skills

Read the following text a few times to an adult then answer the questions that follow it.

Now let’s have a brain break and work on our alphabet!


LI To use technical vocabulary

The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss

Today we’re listening to chapter 15 of the Phoenix code told by Mrs Irvine


There is a lot of talk about the Nile in the book.  We have already had a look at why the Nile was so important in our Wider curriculum lesson on Monday.  Today we need to gather our information together to enable us to make a fact file about the Nile.  You can use any notes you made on Monday, look on the internet or watch the video and song from Monday’s lesson.  Don’t forget, notes do not need to be in full sentences but need to make sense to you.

The Importance Of The River Nile in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt The Gift of The Nile - How the Nile impacted Ancient Egypt Song

Wider Curriculum:

L.I To Make a piece of Egyptian Jewellery

Today we are going to start t make the jewellery we designed last week.  You can use anything in your house you can find, paper, card, plastic, glitter etc.

If you have magazines, here is a great way to make some beads which you could use in your jewellery.


Don’t forget to model your work and send a photo to your teacher to show how fabulous you look!


Nearly the end of day. Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship. Click the candle.


Time for a story to finish our day. Click the image and choose one to read.



Congratulations and well done on finishing Wednesday’s work!

Don’t forget to send your work to the class e-mail address where your teacher will be able to put it on the hub page!

Mr Hazelby  Mrs Bourdillon  Mrs Irvine